Junior Product Designer

Antek became a designer way before he even noticed. The question ’why’ accompanied him from the very beginning. Analyzing human habits and questioning behavioral patterns and the nature of things have always bothered his mind. Now, as an educated and experienced designer in many different areas, Antek can easily identify the core purpose of any design assignment, which he believes is crucial. His professional criticism notwithstanding, he is very open-minded, constantly being inspired by the surrounding culture on which he likes to have an influence by doing his design work. Until now, his activity has included Industrial, Graphic, and Interaction design. The scope of his work is wide and ranges from artistic visuals to functional systems, to concepts of space exploratory solutions. Antek likes to say that design is where technology meets human to respond to human's needs. In his spare time, Antek explores and enjoys a variety of pleasures that the fortuity of being a human gives us such as sports, music, books, movies, and other cultural stuff. He admires and respects sophisticated goods, but also enjoys S-F movies, pop culture, and corny music.