Junior Quality Assurance Specialist

When he was studying economics and management, Kacper's passion for video games pulled him towards becoming a QA tester, which ultimately led to his falling in love with testing. His best friend once said: "Your abilities to make people gravitate towards you both amaze and terrify me", which explains how Kacper knows everyone and never has a problem with meeting new people. He has always admired perfection and order, being a chaotic and messy person at heart. Kacper's time at the university helped him discover his high adaptability and analytical skill. His thirst for knowledge, with debate and discussion as the means to gain it, makes him the ultimate devil's advocate. In his spare time, he loves to cook, play the guitar, discover the most bizarre nooks of The Internet, read a good book or Harry Potter's fan fiction, and, of course, play video games. His biggest dream is visiting Japan and to be the very best - like no one in the history of this world.