Payroll Specialist

Magda is an individual inhabiting two distinct personalities: A professional and focused woman at work and an artistic soul after hours. After graduating from the university, she was thinking of helping the young, but fate wanted something a bit different for her. Magda embarked upon a journey into the land of HR, where she has been for 8 years now. Thanks to her expertise, she is always willing to share her knowledge with her friends and colleagues. Where would you normally meet Magda? In the cinema, but also in the gym, where she has been doing weight lifting for several months. You might say she is rather fragile and weak, but beware, because looks can be deceptive. Passion-wise, she absolutely loves sewing and designing her own clothes. Following her motto “always try something new”, this year she is going to try a new pastime - sailing. Most people say she is a professional woman and a one-of-a-kind colleague. Is that true? You can find out yourself!