Quality Assurance Specialist

Ever since she was a little kid, Marta has found joy in exploring new things in her life. Be it an interesting dish, exotic country, unusual sport, TV series, or music band – once she finds what gets her, she’s all in, and you can be sure she’ll burst into excitement once you mention the right topic. The same happened with her job as a QA. Even though Marta was studying International Business, it turned out that finding bugs in software and making sure they’re gone is what she wanted to dedicate her life to. After her first attempts as a QA, Marta decided to take some time off and explore Southeast Asia hitchhiking and then Australia & New Zealand by car to find yet another favourite thing in her life (and as it turns out kangaroos are her no. 1 choice). After over a year of travelling, she came back and joined Netguru's QA team. She’s an open-minded and cheerful person who enjoys a good laugh and tries to stay positive no matter what. When it comes to work, she likes to pay attention to details and learn new skills.