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10 Design Posts You Can't Miss on Netguru Blog

At Netguru, we provide not only web and mobile development services for our clients, but also deal with design. Every day, designer working at our UX design agency do their best to prepare the most outstanding designs possible and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in design and UX. Of course, they also share their experience and knowledge about best practices. Check out the 10 design posts that appeared on Netguru’s blog in 2015 that you must read!

The most insightful posts on design from 2015

How to Talk to Designers About Design: Tips for Non-Designers

Okay, you decided to hire a designer, you already know what to expect from him/her and now it’s time to start working together.Here comes the big issue - how do you communicate with designers if you’re a non-designer and the subject is completely new to you? Have a look at our quick guide full of tips on how to talk about design like a pro. Read more

What You Pay For When You're Hiring a Designer

Many people intending to hire a designer are hesitant and unsure, because creative process requires mutual trust, understanding and sensitivity. In a series of articles, we try to demystify some aspects of client-designer collaboration. In the first article, we answer the question why you should hire a designer at all, and explain where your money goes when you decide to do so. Read more

What to Expect from a Designer

It happens quite often that even if you decide to hire a designer, you’re still unsure what to expect from him/her. This article will help you overcome your fear of the unknown. We pinpoint the most important things you can and should expect from a professional designer and explain why they’re so important. Read more

We Give Meaning to Products - Design Flow at Netguru: the Approach

At Netguru, we design both minimum viable products for startups and complex e-commerce solutions for big companies. Read this post to learn what, in our opinion, the characteristics of a well-designed product are, and what design trends we follow. This blog post also, outlines the 4 phases of design flow at Netguru. Read more

5 Biggest Mistakes In User Onboarding

Acquiring new clients can be a challenge but converting them into returning ones might turn out to be even more difficult. Great user onboarding will definitely help you achieve this goal but unfortunately, it happens very rarely. It’s much easier to find mistakes in user onboarding. In the article we list 5 biggest mistakes that will definitely discourage your clients from using your product again. Read the post and avoid them at all costs! Read more

Most Common Design And Development Mistakes Your Site May Suffer From

Mistakes in design and development are as common as mistakes in user onboarding. It’s still easy to find websites not optimized for mobile devices, overcrowded and with poor navigation. We list the most common mistakes so that you can check whether your page meets all the criteria of a well-designed and user-friendly website. Read more

Improve Your Online Store UX With These Handy Tips

It’s not only websites that suffer from mistakes in UX design, online stores often experience the same problem and it literally costs them money. Bad UX will put visitors off, and as a result, significantly decrease the number of conversions. Improve your web store UX with our tips and make sure your sales grow. Read more

Why Less (Options) is More - Anticipatory Design

Anticipatory design is still considered a relatively new trend basing on exceeding users’ expectations, although it’s gaining more and more popularity. What is it and what are its main assumptions? In the article we define the concept, explain who can benefit from adopting it and give examples of successful anticipatory design. Read more

How to Build an Illustrator Feature in Sketch and Make Designers' Life Easier

Our designers do their best to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in design and use only state-of-the-art technologies. Some of us have recently switched from Illustrator to Sketch but we felt we were still missing some features of Illustrator. To solve this problem, Dawid – one of our designers – has built a plugin we’re introducing in the article. Read and save time while working in Sketch. Read more

15 Designers You Should Follow on Twitter

If you still want to learn more about design and need some inspiration, we have a great resource for you: a list of 15 designers to follow on Twitter. Each of them will motivate you to innovate and give you fresh ideas. Best designers, podcasters, speakers and authors – all in one place and ready to share their knowledge with you! Read more

We hope you enjoyed our design articles from 2015. If you feel we still haven’t covered a topic you’re interested in, let us know about it by dropping a comment below!

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