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10 Project Management Posts You Can’t Miss on Netguru Blog

One of our most important rules here at Netguru is that it is never too late to learn, even if this means that sometimes we take lessons from making mistakes. That’s why we encourage sharing of expertise and knowledge among the members of our team.  The list below contains a set of tips on project management that we have learned through our experience. Read and spread the word. We hope that it results in a growing number of successful IT projects.

The best articles on Project Management from 2015

7 Steps to Successful Project Management - Infographic

At Netguru we’ve been managing multiple IT projects at a time for over 7 years now. Having in mind our expertise in this field we prepared an infographic, where we gathered some valuable advice on how to successfully kick off IT projects to make sure they will go smoothly in the future. Read more

5 Remote Team Management Apps to Rock Your Performance

Richard Branson says that remote teamwork is the future of business. To make organization of the whole process a little bit less challenging, we prepared a list of 5 applications that will help. Check what tools we recommend for task management, communication, preparing project boards, organizing contacts or time tracking. Read more

10 Questions to Ask a Project Manager Before a New Project

The moment has come. You are about to start a new IT project but you’re still confused and afraid that you may have missed something. Don’t worry, you’re not alone, your Project Manager is here to help. Make sure you communicate with him/her flawlessly and to lay a solid foundation for your project, ask all the questions we listed in this article. Read more

Why We've Switched From Pivotal Tracker to JIRA

For years we used Pivotal Tracker, which was our favorite tool for task management. Recently, however, we’ve decided to switch to Jira, and we are amazed by its possibilities. Find out why we decided to make the change and see what possibilities Jira created for us in the fields of planning, tracking, releasing and reporting. Read more

Product Owner & Project Manager: Your Guide to a Dream Team

The dream team - product owner and project manager. Two people whose roles are often mistaken and underrated but without whom it’s impossible to run an IT project efficiently. Find out  what are their roles and responsibilities and learn why they are crucial to the project’s success. Read more

How NOT to Run an IT Project

We’ve all been there. We work on a project month after month, but we don’t see any progress, what we do see however, it a slow decrease in our motivation. To avoid this common situation we prepared a list of the most typical development house problems in project management including tips on how to successfully avoid them. Read more

6 Common Mistakes Project Managers Should Learn From

Nobody is perfect and everybody makes mistakes. However, not everybody has the ability to learn from them. We do learn, moreover, we share our knowledge. This time we came up with a list of 6 most common mistakes project manages make to allow others to learn and avoid them in their work. Check what NOT to do when you are a project manager. Read more

Can You Become an IT Project Manager Without a Technical Background?

A perfect question. A lot of people are still unsure what the role of a project manager is all about. They either think it’s a person who manages tasks or is responsible for working with code. To clarify this concept we specified what skills and knowledge are required to become a project manager and what it’s like to be one.  Read more

How to Motivate Your Team: Naked Facts and Surefire Tips

Happy employees = motivated employees. Motivated employees = productive ones. Positive and enthusiastic working environment that promotes high morale can boost productivity levels. Learn how to create it, see what can make your employees feel demotivated and find out how devastating the results of lack of motivation may be. Read more

Time Saving Hacks (Not Only) for Better Project Management

Time management is at the same time the most crucial and most difficult aspect of running a project. We know that perfectly well, thus we prepared a list of useful strategies and tips on how to create a manageable timetable and be able to stick to it, making only as few exceptions as possible. Read more

We hope that in the list above we provided you with some handy tips on project management. We wish you a lot of successful projects in 2016!

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