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10 Ruby on Rails Posts You Can't Miss on Netguru Blog

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Many people mock the very idea of it, but the hard thing is to make a resolution that really works. New Year’s resolutions by Netguru would probably sound something like this: always be learning. If that looks good to you too, here’s a set of 10 posts on Ruby on Rails that will get you up and running!

The most insightful posts on RoR from 2015

10 Ruby on Rails Books You Must Have on Your Bookshelf

We all love blogs, Reddit and StackOverflow when it comes to learning material, but nothing can replace a good old programming book. A carefully collected Ruby on Rails library can prove useful for years to come! Netguru developers have shared their list of must-have titles - check it out no matter if you’re just getting started or have thousands of commits under your belt. Read more

Deploying Ruby on Rails on VPS

Would you like to deploy Ruby on Rails applications without getting your hands dirty with DevOps? Marcin, our Senior Developer, recommends using VPS. He’s prepared a step-by-step tutorial that will let you deploy the apps you’re proud of and show them to your friends without any extra hassle. Read more

Why Learning Rails Is Not So Hard

You may be baffled by the first statement of this article: learning Rails is not about learning Rails. How come? Błażej, Netguru Ruby on Rails developer, explains what elements of learning Rails lie beyond the boundaries of programming. Enjoy your little trip to the world of software engineering, pragmatism, and process learning. Read more

Top 7 Ruby on Rails Podcasts

We started this article list with a set of books, but everybody knows that sometimes you may need a bit of downtime away from the written page and so finding an alternative way to learn can save you from a slow death by boredom. Or, it might just be that you don’t always get the time to release the inner bookworm in you. Check out our favourite Ruby on Rails podcasts and learn as you go. Read more

How Linters Can Help You Ship Code Faster

This post is dedicated to those of you who are torn between the idea of learning style guides and the fear that learning style guides is pointless due to frequent updates and… new style guides emerging all the time. How do you cope with that? Use linters! Kamil, our Front-end Developer, shows how linters can work for you and help you to write better code without the hassle. Read more

7-Must Reads About JavaScript with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails and JavaScript go together like peanut butter and jelly! Whether you are an experienced web developer or just getting your feet wet in the wonderful "ocean" of web development and programming, these handy resources can help you improve your skills in JavaScript and hopefully teach you a few new tricks along the way. Read more

So You Think It’s Too Late to Become a Developer? Read This!

Are you one of those programming aficionados too shy to reboot their career and move on up into the exciting world of software development? Some of our folks have been there, done that and got a big old t-shirt too! Dominik gave up on real estate to become a Ruby on Rails developer and shared his experiences, motivations, and tips in this post. Read more

Sublime Text Plugins Not Only for Newbies

Our developers use different code editors, with a strong fan group for each - including Sublime. One reason for Sublime Text's popularity is its large library of plugins. Check out the list of essentials we picked out. The first post includes 11 of them, and part two gives you another eight. Check out both! Read more

Why I Went Back to Thinking in SQL

Beware: this post gets a bit emotional at times. What you’ll find here will be some thoughts about SQL, or rather thoughts about thinking in this language. There is a way to think SQL and write in RoR - read on to find out more. Read more

How to Combine Ruby Sequel and Active Record in One App

Have you ever thought of trying something a bit different from ActiveRecord in Ruby on Rails for database management? If you want your database to run efficiently, take a look at Sequel advantages and learn how to migrate without any hiccups. Read more

We hope you found some handy tips and inspiring reads among the list we designed for you here. If you need any help in developing RoR project, we got you covered! We are one of the fastest growing Ruby on Rails consulting companies.

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