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11 Tips For Fresh Newsletters

We send out 2 newsletters every month. One of them covers entrepreneurship and product development, while the second one is specifically about Ruby On Rails. Here’s 11 ways we keep our newsletters fresh.

We send out 2 newsletters every month. One of them covers entrepreneurship and product development topics, while the second one is specifically about Ruby On Rails. We get really good feedback from both of them, and they typically perform above industry average.

Here’s 11 ways we keep our newsletters fresh:

Fill an interesting niche

We feel this is an extremely important point to create a successful newsletter. The topic range cannot be too broad or too narrow, and it has to perfectly fit within some sort of niche within your target group by speaking to their interests and aspirations. It’s a newsletter but we feel that sending our news about the company business or industry is not the best strategy. We figure that we need to create a great list of evergreens, opinions and popular science. The content needs to stay fresh for years and be popular across the web.

Have a great title

You can have great content but the title is super important. With a weak title, no one will see your content. We’ve noticed that using a reader’s first name in the title and not using the word “newsletter” increases open rates significantly.

Use a known sender

It’s better to send your newsletter from a more personal email (e.g. rather than

Provide great, proven content

We always make sure that our content will be appealing to our target audience. We only send the content that we’ve already tested on twitter. We use Buffer for sending out tweets with links to interesting articles. Then, we look at stats and use the best ones in our monthly newsletter. This tactic delivers us more than 35% click through rates and great testimonials.

Have a clean layout

For 2 years of monthly newsletters, we’ve tested a number of different layouts. Right now we’re using a clean, custom made, responsive design. We like it because our newsletter is all about reading, correct spacing, font size and as little distraction as possible. Note that there is no substantial difference in terms of click rate stats or open rate as a result of design. Content is still king. However, what we think was very helpful for our readers is responsiveness of the newsletter layout. People do a lot of their email on their smartphone, and this is something to pay attention to.

Use images, but not too many

Images makes your newsletter more appealing, but it’s easy to overdo it. Having content be mobile is also important, so keep it light, contextual and far from stock, generic, or boring in style.

Show off a bit

It’s a nice touch to add a few bits of internal news to show people that our company is alive let them in on some our recent work.

Make it easy to share

Modern email marketing tools support sharing on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It can increase your newsletter’s potential, so make sure you have some share buttons implemented.

Use a great email marketing tool

We use Campaign Monitor. It’s awesome!

Grow your audience

Seek out new readers and subscribers, and learn new ways to acquire them.

Practice regularity

Whether its weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, focus on sending newsletters out on regular basis.

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