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6 Upcoming Ruby Events You Can't Miss in 2014

Your guide to the latest events for fellow Rubyists.

The first quoter of the year is already behind us and there is still so many great Ruby events to come! Take a look at our handy guide & mark your calendars!

La Conf



When? May, 22-23rd Where? Paris, France

La Conf is an unusual conference for Ruby & Rails developers who love food, wine & creating amazing things (and who wouldn't like that?) in the heart of Paris, France. The lineup for the 1st day of La Conf is complete and you can expect to hear great folks like Hampton Catlin (Creator of Haml, Sass, and Wikipedia Mobile), Vitaly Friedman (Smashing Magazine co-founder and editor-in-chief) or Ashe Dryden - Rubyist and Diversity Advocate. Stay tuned with @la_conf & (pssst... a little bird told us you can expect a lot of the accordion music as well).




When? June, 26-27th Where? Singapore

RedDotRubyConf is the largest Ruby conference in South East Asia - a two day single-track event that brings together renowned international and local speakers. The aim is to spread the love and joy of the Ruby language and platform in the South East Asia developer community through talks, collaborations and networking. This year expect great guests like Koichi Sasada, Aaron Patterson and Bryan Helmkamp. Check out the event's site and follow @reddotrubyconf to be up-to-date!




When? August, 1-3rd Where? Berlin, Germany

European ruby camp is coming back to Brandenburg! The event's format slightly differs from the classic conference or camp. Eurucamp wants to encourage speakers to try out something new - either by being on stage for the first time or by trying talks in new areas. To do that - they've open a speaker mentorship program - we keep our fingers crossed for the experiment! With 15-20 regular speaking slots, we can't wait for all the Ruby topics raised! In the meantime, you can follow the folks at @eurucamp.




When? September, 11-13th Where? Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona Ruby Conference is one of Europe’s biggest events about Ruby and it’s back on track! This year the the conference grows from 300 to more than 500 people and organizers are putting an extra effort on providing some juicy workshops the day before the conference itself. The agenda includes a well know names like Yukihiro Matsumoto, Pat Shaughnessy & (Evil) Tom Stuart. And let's not forget about the pros of the lovely location - Barcelona! Be fast - looks like there are a few last batch tickets still available. Find out more at & @baruco.




When? October, 2-3th Where? Ghent, Belgium

Arrrrcamp is a 2 day Ruby, Rails and other web-related conference in Ghent with a pirate twist. Aaron Patterson, Michael Ries and T.J. Schuck are among the first officially confirmed crewmembers. Keep an eye on the site or @arrrrcamp for announcements. Aye Aye Captain!

Rails Israel

When? November, 5th Where? Tel Aviv, Israel

Rails Israel is the biggest Ruby on Rails conference in the Middle East. Although their official site reminds the well known 90's style design, the speakers list looks pretty impressive! Early Bird Tickets are already available for sale, and for those who are planning a longer trip to Israel - the organizers are preparing a Jerusalem / Dead Sea day trip.

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