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7 Reasons Behind Launching A New Website

Around a month ago we launched a new company website. It’s our second new website within 12-14 months, and we are planning to release a new one every year. At least dozen of people ask why we’ve launched new websites even though the old ones are still quite fresh. Here are 7 reasons why launching new website can be beneficial:

1. Launch events

A new website is an event which attracts attention from people. As a web development consulting company, we have a limited amount of events that can do this. We received around 2000 visits and over 8000 page views on the launch day, in addition to quite a few Facebook Likes and Tweets. This leads to new enquiries from potential customers in following days.

2. New design means new backlinks

New design turned out to be good opportunity for gathering new backlinks from a number of Web Design Galleries. It’s helpful for both SEO and inbound traffic. Referral and organic traffic to our website doubled after launching the new website (excluding launching peak). We have been featured in CSSWinner, BestCSS, CSSLight. Thanks for that!

3. Better conversion rates

Pretty and elegant design is proven to convert better. It makes the organisation more trustworthy, especially if you are web development company or software house. It’s a myth that ugly websites convert better. Our numbers are not yet conclusive, but anyway we believe that it definitely makes sense to invest in elegant design.

4. Bootstrap

We love Twitter Bootstrap and we use it in almost every single one of our projects. We figured that it totally make sense to rewrite our front end to Bootstrap and make a use of the features and conventions that Bootstrap delivers. Thanks to the strong community around Bootstrap, we are also able to appear in few Bootstrap related galleries. That means more quality traffic and backlinks, which is always helpful.

5. Responsive web design

Switching to Bootstrap made it easier to implement RWD. Right now our website looks good on most of the devices and screen sizes.

6. Our own blog

That was one of the most controversial decisions we’ve made. Yes, we did write our own blog engine. Why? We wanted to switch from Tumblr to our own, hosted solution. Tumblr was too difficult to maintain and develop and we needed more flexibility. We didn’t want to implement PHP based Wordpress even though it does indeed have lots of very useful plugins. Right now we have full flexibility - even if we’re still lacking some features we can develop them quite fast. The final decision about writing our own blog was made after reading Gaslight’s great blogpost.

7. Copywriting review

Redesigning a website is also a good moment to review content and think more about our content strategy. We should probably review our content more regularly than once a year but it still better than not reviewing it at all ;). We didn’t change much, after all even though we are growing quite fast our core values and offer are still the same, but we tried to make wording simpler, clearer, and more SEO friendly.

We want to keep renewing our website every year. I’m really interested in hearing your opinions on the subject. How often should certain types of companies redesign their websites from scratch?

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