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7 Ways in Which a UX Review Will Save Your Product

A UX review is a service with a potential to dramatically increase the business value of your product. Take a look at a list of issues that can have a detrimental impact on your product. You could actually spot and solve those issues during a UX review. Find out how the service could help you overcome your problems.

1. You will gain a new perspective

Most of the founders spend most of their time on developing their business and are fully focused on their product. It’s understandable, but it turns out that such a behaviour, called tunnel vision, may affect their vision of the product and prevent them from becoming aware of its flaws.

“Netguru's UI/UX review widened my horizons on what I need to consider for the success of my app. The Netguru designers explored the competitive landscape and market trends, and came up with several user personas that made me think much deeper about the problems I'm trying to solve and who they're best suited for.” Haider Al-Mosawi, Founder, Grace

It’s already been proved that long and exhausting projects may alter the way founders perceive their projects, because they may lack comparison due to a phenomenon called focalism (or anchoring). Focalism stands for situations when people focus too heavily on the first piece of information they see when making decisions – in this case, leaders focus too much on their own products. Conversely, people who will be responsive for running your product’s UX Review have already seen dozens of startups and their perspective goes beyond a single company. Many of our clients faced focalism but when they gained a new perspective as a result of a UX review, they changed their business models and launched their products successfully.

“To get an outsider's perspective was crucial in discovering our weaknesses, with multiple suggestions offered for drastic improvements. We removed unnecessary features, explored better ways to communicate our core functionality, and prioritized a redesign to take advantage of newer opportunities that we did not consider before the review. It's details like these that help us effectively expand and grow.” Esra'a al Shafei, Director of Mideast Youth

2. You will be able to compare your product to your competitors’ products

When working on your product’s development, it’s not easy to find the time to look beyond and learn from the successes and mistakes of your competition. A UX review will show your product benchmarked against other related solutions on the market, some of which will be your direct competitors.

Did you know that most founders allot a lot of their time to working on their products, and they spend very little of their time on monitoring the market reality and validating their product? We can help you do better. Benchmarking has a significant impact on achieving competitive advantage, and you can read about various benchmarking strategies in this study from the Journal of Business Studies Quarterly. Also, a good chunk of startups fail because they are outperformed by the competition or don’t adjust their business model to the market reality.

Many of our clients took advantage of competition analysis. One of our clients made a shift from a B2C to a B2B model to better support business requirements, while another one did the opposite, shifting from B2B to B2C. The changes helped those companies reshape their products and adjust their business models to achieve a bigger success. Other clients realised that their product ideas made little business/market sense and cancelled them – thanks to that, they avoided wasting thousands of dollars.

3. You’ll work out a sharper and cleaner value proposition, focused on the most important (and verified!) customer’s needs

A strong and clear value proposition can make all the difference to your business and is the best way to address the most important questions about your product.

According to Mark Evans from Forbes:

“Developing strong value propositions not only makes it easier to connect with target audiences but it establishes a foundation upon which a company’s marketing and sales activities can be built upon.” Mark Evans, Forbes

Coming back to our failed startups, many of them did not have a clear value proposition that would be easy to follow. According to this study, some of the reasons why startups fail are the loss of focus and not targeting a market need (you can find eighteen more popular reasons in the report). Those reasons are directly related to (not) building a good value proposition, because a good value proposition must be focused and must target a market need. Ask yourself whether you really understand and can communicate what your business is about. If you don’t, our UX review will help you build an efficient value proposition.

There are extra benefits to doing this. Raqib, a civil right initiative from Kuwait, gained so much extra focus after a UX review that they managed to launch their product on time despite the fact that the deadline was made shorter at some point. The cost of performing the UX review was negligible when compared to the results: the development time was cut by two weeks, which resulted in $8000 in savings.

4. You’ll find out whether the interests of all stakeholders align

“Lack of conflict tells me one of two things, either you don’t think your co-founder can handle open and honest feedback, or you think the relationship is already so fragile that you are walking on eggshells." Khalid Halim, RebootHQ

Khalid Halim in his article about business-destroying conflict states that conflict is natural, and both sides of any conflict should take advantage of it to grow. The true danger comes from unseen conflict, which simmers under the lid, until things get so bad that the business can never recover.

There’s always a list of urgent issues and problems to work on, and team members have their own ideas on what should be dealt with first, according to their own priorities. To mitigate this conflict of interest, many of our clients choose to perform a UX review, which helps stakeholders gain perspective and realign their priorities. We provide them with a list of high- and low-level issues, with assigned priorities, to help them converge on a compromise.

5. You’ll re-evaluate your product’s go-to market strategy and find out whether it can actually be executed on the market

The second most common reason for startup failures is that their business models are not viable considering the market they are trying to enter. How does this happen? Some startups come up with a cool product first and look for a business model later. This is an approach that can easily fail. Even an initial success won’t guarantee that the product will scale. A good business model, planned out along with the product, will definitely make scaling up easier and increase the chances of business success.

Sometimes, founders think they have a well-researched business model, but it turns out they based their assumptions on incorrect or irrelevant data. In the case of one of our clients, a UX review helped reveal that their analytic tools were not set up properly. The company needed different analytics tools for two different groups of customers. The UX review helped reveal the correct data and allowed the team to properly study users’ behavior.

6. You’ll end up with a clear and simple roadmap of your next steps

According to Alan Smith, “about 75% of the manufacturing cost of a typical product is committed by the end of the conceptual phase process. This means that decisions made after this time can influence only 25% of the product’s manufacturing cost.” If so much of a product’s cost depends on the design stage, we should pay very close attention to it. And we do: during a UX review.

In the case of one of a product of one of our clients, the value was in the access to scalable design and development teams for the current and future projects. Decisions concerning the roadmap and establishing priorities influenced the product’s success and the founders’ future ventures.

7. You can reduce the costs of software development and find out whether your business goals can be achieved with your product

People have a tendency to lose focus and veer off the main path in the development stages of product building. At least 50% of programmers’ work time during project's software development is spent on reworking errors that could have been prevented. You can easily reduce costs by wasting less development time and minimising redesign costs, according to Dr. Susan Weinschenk. You simply need to invest in early error prevention.

Additionally, a UX review will help you find a user-oriented solution early. User experience and customer support costs can be lowered by finding and fixing potential issues before they arise at user level.

Transforming Your Business with a UX Review: a Snapshot

If you’re not convinced yet, read about one of our clients – Raqib50 and find out how they achieved a 180-percent growth year to year. 

Here is a summary of the benefits of UX review our clients have enjoyed in numbers. These metrics helped Raqib activate diverse groups of young people in the civic arena and bring social change. Take a look:

  • Popularity exceeding expectations: 180% user growth year to year
  • User engagement improved by over 45% , numbers of  sessions grew 86%.
  • Number of abandoned sessions after the first interaction reduced by 21%
  • Session duration increased by 40%

And that’s not all of them. Talk to us if you’d like to know more!

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