9 Biggest Mistakes Developers Make In Their Recruitment Process

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Jul 30, 2018 • 6 min read

As a developer, you're up against some stiff competition when looking for a new role. You've got to really be one step ahead of the pack when it comes to your job search.

Here are 9 of the biggest mistakes that developers make in the recruitment process, and how you can avoid them.

1. Relying On Past Achievements

You may have some very impressive achievements on your resume. You were on the team which developed that popular website, or created an app that became wildly popular. However, how long ago was that? Recruiters want to know what you've done in the past, but they want to see what you'll do next. Pay attention to what that company needs, and offer them your skills in light of those needs.

2. Applying Without A Plan

When you really need a job, it's easy to start firing off resumes to anyone and everyone. You think you're opening up your job prospects, but really you're showing you don't care about where you end up.

"The best thing to do is really sit and think about what kind of job you want," says recruiter Fiona Morgan at Assignment Help. "One you know what you're aiming for, you can create much more nuanced and targeted applications."

3. Ignoring Your Online Presence

Your online presence matters more now than ever. Consider what kind of profile you have and how you appear on your social media accounts. Whether you like it or not, recruiters will look you up online, searching your social media accounts and personal website to find and use the information to decide if they want to interview you. This is to find out whether or not you will fit into their company culture.

Before applying for jobs, go through your personal websites to clear off images or posts you wouldn’t want them to see. What’s more, start using professional sites such as LinkedIn to start making connections.

4. Not Sharing Your Search

When you're looking for a new role, it's easy to think you should keep it to yourself. However, you're actually making the job harder for yourself. By shutting yourself off, you're ignoring valuable advice and networking with people who could help you land that dream role. This is referred to as ‘shared searching’. Whether you’re talking to friends, family or even colleagues, you never know who might know somebody else who has the opportunity of a lifetime waiting for you.

5. Not Using Tools To Enhance Your Application

There are plenty of tools online that will help you write an application that will get you noticed. If you're not using them, check out some of the following tools:

6. You're Only Applying Through Traditional Means

It's all well and good applying through job listings, but it's not getting you into all of the positions that are open. It's time to ask your friends and family of any places that are open in their places of work, if they're relevant to you and your skills. You can find a lot more opportunities this way, so don't be afraid to be asked to be referred to a job opening.

7. You're Not Playing To Your Strengths

If you're not applying for jobs that cater to your abilities as a developer, then you're not going to have much luck in your search. You need to think about what you do best.

Are you an excellent coder? Then you need to be applying for jobs that allow you to use that skill. If you do this, you'll allow your natural talents to shine through. You'll also be picked up for more interviews as your skills will fit in well with what the recruiter wants.

8. Trying To Outsmart The Recruiter

Many developers see the recruiter as someone they have to outsmart, to show them that they're the right person for the job. The recruiter doesn't need you to do this, though, and, in fact, it can be annoying to them.

When this happens, they'll actually turn you down, as you'll be seen as too combative. Instead, realise that the recruiter just wants to find the right person for the job. Show them why you think you're the right fit.

9. You're Not Checking Your Work

Developers need to be smart and thorough in everything they do. If you don't proofread your writing, then you'll be passed over instantly. Proofread your applications before you send them out, and you'll make a much better impression.

Avoid these mistakes in your job search, and you'll find that you'll get much further in your job hunt. You can get the job you need if you're smart about your search.

Mary Walton is an editor at Australian Assignment Writing Services. She writes for students at her blog, Simple Grad. Also, Mary helps online business with content marketing and brand building. She manages content at Academized, academic writing service.

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