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All You Need to Become Netguru's Client

During my days in Netguru, I had the pleasure to meet fantastic clients and teams. I spent many hours understanding their ideas, agreeing on application architectures, talking through the long-term development processes.

Some clients already had partially developed apps, others decided that their current development partners were not performing fast enough, others got overwhelmed by the amount of necessary work or had difficulty  defining the necessary requirements. What these clients  had in common though was a great idea which is all you need to get started.

Your idea + initial budget from investors = success.

At Netguru, we love working with startups and supporting them from the very beginning. Likewise we don’t mind jumping into an ongoing project, for today though, I’d like to discuss  possibilities at the very beginning of your journey to a great product.

So, let’s start from the beginning and assume we start from scratch.

  • You spent quite a long time figuring out what your potential customers/users need.
  • You talked it through with your partners, friends, family, potential investors.
  • You know how to fulfill the needs previously mentioned.
  • You feel confident that your application will meet the market’s demand (perhaps because of  marketing research?)
  • You have initial budget to get started.

You have all you need to get in touch with us and start the machine rolling. At this point we recommend using  a tool called Product Discovery Sprint. This sounds impressive, but what is it? Let me explain:

For starters, you will be assigned a Project Manager and a Designer. Those two will take you through a 7 days sprint of:

  • intense brainstorming,
  • creating personas of your users,
  • creating the user paths of those personas,
  • creating first mockups and views

The key benefits of this process are capturing and documenting:

  • Definitions and goals.
  • The critical path diagram.
  • The user journey.
  • A prototype storyboard.
  • A testable prototype.
  • Basis for a further development plan.

To sum up:

  • Product Design Sprint is a tool that will give you a precise roadmap on where to go next.
  • You will be provided with an extensive report showing how to forge your idea into a live product.
  • This is the first step you need to take, to kick start with the development.
  • The technical aspects of the application will not be defined in detail, but sufficient enough to interest new investors and get funding necessary  to start development.
  • See this and this link for more info about Product Design Sprint.

After the app is initially defined so what do I do next?

The answer is simple, either:

  1. Participate in a Scoping Session (recommended), or
  2. Start development.

Teams performing Scoping Sessions typically develop the product, so it’s a very important time for everyone to agree about as many details of the project as possible.

If you wish to learn more about Scoping Sessions at Netguru, follow these links:

How Scoping Sessions Can Help You Launch a Better Product

3 Ways to Plan Your IT Project (Tried and Tested by Netguru)

Now we are ready to start developing your product! We are here to help, assist and support you from day one!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed it.

P.S. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have a great idea for an app, we’re waiting for you :)

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