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The role of a UX designer in development process is often unclear. They may seem to only create boring boxes and arrows, but, in fact, these are tools that help to push the digital product in the right direction.
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We have seen it before. You’ve got a bold idea for a great digital product. Who do you need? Probably a product designer first, who will craft the product and make it look great. Then, a developer, of course, or a team of them to cover your front-end and back-end needs and to implement designs. And a Project Manager, your key to meeting the deadlines and everything being great.
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Eric Ries’ 2011 book The Lean Startup placed the idea of the lean enterprise in the mainstream. It was Ries who popularised concepts such as the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and pivoting, which are now essential things everyone in business, from startup owners to business school students, should know.
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