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Mobile banking apps are bound to become the most important channel for bank customers to access banking services. CACI predicts that by 2021 mobile banking will become the biggest channel in terms of users in the UK. Apps will overtake high street branches to claim the number one spot. The study shows that the proportion of customers using apps for banking will continue to rise in the UK over the next four years, reaching 71% by 2024. Currently, it oscillates around 45%.
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On 17 May 2017, Google announced their first-class support for Kotlin, which means that Kotlin became an official language for Android app development. Since then, JetBrains proved that Kotlin can also be successfully used for writing iOS apps – the official app of KotlinConf 2017 was built entirely in Kotlin and supported iOS, Android, as well as most browsers via its web app.
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7 Reasons Why You Should Go for Native App Development

These days, if you have a business idea, it’s very likely that it involves developing an app. No wonder, as apps outpace websites in many areas, like personalization, notifications, speed and potential features... just to name a few.
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How to Design Offline-first Approach in a Mobile App

Nowadays, almost everyone uses WiFi at home, workplace, or even when commuting. When there is no wireless network available, we connect to the mobile network. Does it mean that we shouldn't be concerned with the availability of network when making custom mobile apps? Not really. There are many scenarios where a short period of no connectivity can ruin your app’s "smoothness".
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