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Magda Sowierszenko

Magda Sowierszenko, Head of Marketing & Communications at Remote-how and the go-to person for any issue you can think of. Together with her distributed team, she leads different marketing efforts, including management of virtual events and social media. She started her marketing tracks in corporate public relations and has since embraced a diverse range of marketing, communications, and growth hacking projects. She has worked with brands such as P&G or Amazon. Remote-how is the first all-in-one platform where companies can seamlessly find, employ and retain remote, full-time employees from all around the world. Partnering up with other fully-distributed companies like GitLab, Buffer or InVision, Remote-how is at the forefront of the remote work revolution. It is the ultimate solution for remote education, recruitment, and international employment. We are the makers of the biggest virtual conference about remote work - The Remote Future Summit and various educational activities, such as The Remote-How Academy or Global Work From Home Day. Currently, we are developing Remote-how Marketplace, the world's first end-to-end solution for talent matching, recruiting and hiring remotely.

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