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Save Money Using Elixir - The Benefits of The Technology

Building an application that handles millions of users and performs thousands of concurrent operations can be expensive both to develop and maintain. Elixir, a new trending backend technology, promises to cut costs significantly by providing exceptional performance. The Netguru team have recently dug beneath the surface of Elixir to verify whether it delivers on its promises.
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Dynamic staging or integration uses the combined power of Docker and Docker Compose which is a tool that lets you easily configure and link containers with a single YAML file as well as build containers with linked services, such as databases, redis, etc. Take a look at how to set up an automatic Docker staging and how we do it at Netguru.
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When we’re building an app, we sometimes have to choose tools to help us manage servers and make our life and work easier. At Netguru, we work on many applications, and we manage a lot of servers, so here we present a list of tools we use on a daily basis - tools which we like and would recommend using.
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