About the author

Mateusz Lisowski

Mateusz is a self-taught developer and an alumnus of Social Work at the University in Białystok. He constantly looks for opportunities for self-developing and learning new things. Each day, he tries to become a better version of himself. Everything started in January 2017, when he went for a walk with his friend after lectures and decided to become a programmer. He was interested in this industry because he wanted to be a part of the community which helps each other and wants to progress. After a year of titanic work, he achieved his goal and right now programming is his passion, which totally consumes him. He loves that he can help others and each day can tackle different challenges. Besides programming, he listens to ambient and indie compilations, plays and creates board games, plays Magic: The Gathering, works out, takes care of his fitness and health, and tries to explore new hobbies.