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With the increasing popularity of User Experience as an essential part of the design process, many people are trying to learn how to create great User Experience and become UX specialists. Additionally, many organizations try to make it in the education business, and sell knowledge in this area. You should look carefully at the educational offer and choose only those courses that will provide maximum value. It's not only the matter of the time spent and the quality of knowledge, but also the money invested.
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It has been a while since my last post on must-have UX practices for fintech. I enjoyed the feedback I got, and I’m sorry I have kept you waiting. But there is a reason. For some time, I have been solving UX challenges for one of the biggest banks in Europe and a groundbreaking investment platform that enables individuals and their advisors to invest in top-tier private equity funds.
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Several years of UX experience - in core-banking in a global bank and the fintech industry in both London and Poland - led me to create this list. The entries below are absolute must-haves when it comes to fintech products.
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