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Recently, the trend for “serverless” started gaining a lot of traction both among developers and business people. As you’re reading this, you might be wondering, what on Earth does the new buzzword, serverless, even mean.
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Managing Amazon Web Services is hard, let’s face it. AWS is complex, offers numerous amount of services & APIs, it’s constantly changing, web console UX is bad and some concepts behind it are just hard to understand at the beginning. But once you start getting it, you also realize that it has a great power. The power not only to store unlimited amounts of data, handle millions of requests per second or even to predict your next partner using Machine Learning but also the power to literally clean your wallet in couple of seconds. It may be because of your lack of understanding of this system, because of a „miss click” or simply because you didn’t care to secure your account properly. Internet is full of stories like that. In this guide I’ll try to show you some “quick wins” which should decrease the probability of those events taking place.
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Yesterday, some of us, developers, were hit hard by the AWS outage. Many websites went down for a few of hours, some of us couldn’t even continue working on your projects due to the outages of services like CircleCI.
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