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UX, Guitars and Fun: Impressions from UXCamp Europe 2015

BarCamps are awesome. They are born from the real desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. Equally. UXCamp Europe 2015 was no different - here is a few impressions from the event.

Hello folks,

BarCamps are awesome. They are born from the real desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. Equally. There are no masters, no teachers and no spectators. Only people who want to contribute.

UXCamp Europe was no different.

It is held in Berlin and is a 2-day-long event filled with great vibes and interesting sessions. The 45-minute-long sessions provide ample time for presenting a short talk, demonstrating new ideas or technologies, and an open discussion. Every UXcamp participant has a right to present their own ideas to a group that has expressed an interest.

This year BarCamp was full of surprises.

The sessions were super cool. There was an iOS and Android app for participants which allowed searching for sessions / topics of interest. And it was filled with people who almost exploded with ideas :)

One of the best aspects of these events is the ability to actively participate - we really enjoyed the workshop conducted by Futurice devs who designed a great tool for design thinking - IoT Service Kit which is available for everyone - they made it open source :)

Check out the IoT Service Kit Website

Feel free to use it when designing a new tool or service - it really helps!

Another interesting session was the one on microfeedback (slides available here). We frequently need to know how the users feel about a product but don’t want to eat up their time by forcing them to fill in complicated and/or lengthy surveys, so this was a really useful for us.

Also, check out Holger Eggert’s talk - he tried to predict what the future of UX, UX design agencies and UX designers will look like. The end was surprising, but I won't spoil the fun :).

Eric Reiss is a regular attendee of UX camps around Europe, and, as always, he made a great show (not just a talk - a show!), presenting UX as whole bunch of things you might not normally associate with the topic ;) (you had to be there!)

Eager to know more or to join next year?

Visit UXCamp Europ website and follow their Twitter profile to stay up to date.

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