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Aug 27, 2014 • 4 min read

There is no way out once you’ve fallen in love with Ruby. A not-so-obvious list of resources for those of you out there who are intermediate to advanced.

There is no way out once you’ve fallen in love with Ruby. The only thing you can do is go further and further. But not to worry, there always ways improve and improve your skills even as a Ruby know-it-all. We’ve put together a not-so-obvious list of resources for those of you out there who are intermediate to advanced. Read on to practice your Ruby mastery now!

Ruby Doc

Ruby help and documentation, not only in English, but also in German, Spanish, French, Polish and Bulgarian. The website links many useful docs, Ruby gadgets, books, gems and presentations.


Ruby Weekly

Stay up to date with this great selection of Ruby news and articles, delivered once a week directly to your inbox. You can be sure that content from this newsletter is ‘crème de la crème’. Also, don’t worry if you already missed previous news, you can easily check the older issues in the archives.



Ruby5 is a podcast focused on the latest news, hot topics and trends in Ruby on Rails community. Almost 500 episodes stored in archive means a full audio documentation of Ruby & Rails evolutions from 2009 to now.


Ruby Tapas

Hungry for more? Try the tastes of Ruby Tapas! It’s not scored with a Michelin star (yet!), but Avdi Grimm is definitely a great chef. Short screencasts twice a week will introduce you to a wide variety of intermediate to advanced Ruby concepts and techniques and to the core of Object-Oriented design principles. The full service is behind a paywall, but some of the materials are free.


Ruby Rogues

Ruby Rogues contains a simply amazing collection of Ruby talks, covering what’s important in the Ruby world to mastering Ruby skills. From tips for code documentation to teaching kids Ruby, or devs and depression Ruby Rogues has it all. If there is still something they didn’t talk through, you can propose your own topics and ideas.


Ruby Steps

Just in case you run out of ideas for daily Ruby practice, this tutorial helps you keep running strings of code regularly. You won’t ask ‘What’s next?’ anymore, and will get better every day while working on new programming problems. Additionally, each week you will receive one free interactive lesson with coding exercises and complete explanations (via git repository).


Awesome Ruby

A complex and handy list of Ruby libraries, tools, frameworks and software curated by Marc Anguera Insa and a team of contributors. The authors’ goal is to build a categorized community-driven collection of well-known resources. Any new pair of hands are welcomed—it’s a great place to start contributing to the Ruby world.


Confreaks Videos

Didn’t get a chance to join one of Ruby conferences around the world? Not sure if it’s really worth the money? Check out talks from different Ruby confs stored in one place. The earliest ones are even from 2007! After visiting this website, you can make a better decision for where you want to go and who you want to meet.


Have your own resources worth sharing? Shoot us a message! We always love to be surprised and taste some fresh coding meat.

If you're taking the first steps into the Ruby world make sure to check Top Free Online Ruby Resources and our handy Ruby Tutorial For Beginners.


Photo of Diana Dubko

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