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Łukasz Pietrucha

May 13, 2021 • 11 min read
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Quality is a challenging topic. Much depends on context and the receiver. Ideas about quality also change over time, so it’s hard to catch and be closed in fixed frames. But that also makes it a beautiful topic, as it leaves a lot of space for discovering, experimenting and evaluating ideas.

Now in a modern world on the receiving end of IT solutions we have more-than-ever demanding customers who are approaching these solutions through multiple end-points (be it mobile, smart-anything, web, etc.). Thus we have to deliver an omni-channel, seamless experience to keep everyone happy. In terms of quality that brings a whole new galaxy of opportunities!

Welcome to the next edition of Codestories Newsletter where we explore the concepts of digital assurance and modern testing.

Łukasz Pietrucha
Quality Assurance Manager

🏆 Weekly Highlights

  • Microsoft hits pause on Windows 10X
  • Why retail leaders need to question their omnichannel strategy
  • How the pandemic accelerated digital transformation
  • Making supply chains more sustainable
  • The coming ‘great resignation’

🔥 News

Virgin Galactic 'evaluating' timeline for next flight test (Reuters)

The company is taking a bit of a pause on when it may next head for the stars, which wasn’t received all too well from investors.

Welcome to age of entrepreneurship, says UK chancellor Rishi Sunak (Sifted)

The UK makes its case for being a hub of innovation as it competes in a post-Brexit world.

Microsoft pauses development of Windows 10X, its Chrome OS competitor (Bleeping Computer)

The OS was set to launch this year as a lightweight option meant to compete more directly with Chrome OS.

WhatsApp relaxes deadline for accepting its new privacy policy (The Verge)

WhatsApp has backtracked on a hard deadline that would have seen users lose functionality if they didn’t accept the newest terms of service. However, you may see reminders to tick the box.

Clubhouse finally launches its Android app (TechCrunch)

The popular audio social network finally moves to the Google Play Store, though the debut is only in the U.S. for now.

✅ Must-reads

Trust is an enabling technology (Increment)

Building trust throughout a team runs in many ways — from software quality assurance to building confidence throughout the team.

The future of retail technology: why retail leaders need to question their omnichannel strategy now (Netguru)

Retail is forever changed — retail leaders must challenge their own assumptions about success and build for the new customer expectations that have emerged from our massive disruption.

The real problems behind the testing debate (DevelopSense)

A reflection on the implicit biases behind the debate over manual testing and automated testing.

How COVID-19 accelerated the retail digital transformation (MarTech Series)

Our new digital reality means customers have many options and channels with which to pursue products. Digital solutions must meet this new era of expectations.

🌱 Sustainable Tech

How businesses can make their supply chains more sustainable (Netguru)

Any company can think sustainably. Discover how Project X Global, backed by the World Wildlife Foundation, is working with all types of companies to help them spot ways to make a difference.

Why sustainable startups are killing their growth with numbers (Sifted)

It’s tempting to focus on the numbers when pitching the value of a sustainable startup. Yet the narrative and potential impact can be more powerful than data alone when making the sell.

A vegan diet may make you more productive (euronews)

Want to be more positive, productive, and overall feel better during the workday. Ditch meat, according to new research.

💡 Get inspired

Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert C. Martin (Goodreads)

The author outlines how bad code can be a major time sink and offers solutions for what to do about it.

The Art of Learning: A Journey in the Pursuit of Excellence by Josh Waitzkin (Goodreads)

The widely successful Josh Waitzkin, who was a chess master and martial artist, outlines his passion for learning and how it can be applied to anyone who wants to find more success.

How to minimize the 'cost of delay' (Leading Agile)

Time lost truly can be money lost. Explore tips for how to minimize lost opportunities and more efficiently advance projects.

Deliver faster by killing the test column (InfoQ)

The ‘testing column’ may not be all that worth it. Learn why it may lead to more work in progress and inefficiency.

⚙ Tips & tricks

Eight testing fundamentals you need to know (Sticky Minds)

These eight testing fundamentals can be applied to any development methodology to ensure the quality of its deliverables, the authors argue.

Useful Kotlin tips for Android developers (BetterProgramming)

There’s much to like about developing for Android with Kotlin. Grab some strategies to smooth out your workflow.

👀 Must-sees

🎥 Videos

Disruption Talks: Building a digital bank for Black America

What are the predatory practices in the financial system stifling the Black Community? Hear from First Boulevard, and how it intends to revert the downward spiral and help Black America build generational wealth.

Threat modeling: lessons from Star Wars (Adam Shostack)

You won’t need the Force to apply these threat modeling strategies.

What's wrong with manual testing? (Michael Bolton)

The longer form video referenced in the Must Reads section takes you into the author’s perspective on the challenges and debates in software testing.

🖼 Design of the issue

codestories newsletter
Check out the UI for Mind Tales, an AI-enabled mental health platform. Explore the full mockup on Behance.🎙 Quote of the week

Can you, as a leader, really afford not to ask the question of whether this moment presents an opportunity for bold strategic moves and investments?

Netguru’s Moritz Spangenberg, writing about the future of retail technology.

☕ After hours

Elon Musk jokes about his Asperger's syndrome during SNL monologue (CNET)

The Tesla and SpaceX “technoking” also tanked Dogecoin prices and poked fun at his eccentric Twitter habits.

More and more people don't want a traditional burial (BBC)'

Is being put in the ground too much of a legacy concept? Many are opting to turn their remains into artificial reef formations, while others are headed to space.

Is a 'great resignation' coming? (Bloomberg Businessweek)

The pandemic has forced many to rethink their current roles and life goals. A business professor predicts many may choose to move on from their roles.

Codestories Team

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