📬 Codestories Newsletter #91: GitHub Copilot Is Ready for Takeoff

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Tomasz Gałkowski

Jul 8, 2021 • 9 min read
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Welcome to Codestories Newsletter!

As a cold weather-loving person, I'm currently half-alive from the hot summer we have in Europe. If you are like me, I hope you have good AC or live in a colder place (or the other hemisphere!). If you love the summer, though - enjoy it, as the world is opening after the pandemic.

The tech world is as hot as the weather, it seems. GitHub is shaking up the whole industry with its Copilot machine-learning solutions. And there’s been plenty of inspiring tech news in aviation, renewables and biotechnology. What a time to be alive.

Unfortunately, as the saying goes, with great power (in our case tech) comes great responsibility. Amazon seems to be firing its workers using bots. New British right to repair laws are not that perfect. And GitHub's Copilot seems to be a two-sided coin, sparking controversy over licencing.

Let’s dive into these topics and more in this edition of Codestories!

Tomasz Gałkowski
Senior Node.js Developer

🏆 Weekly Highlights

  • Amazon fires drivers using AI

  • Two sides of GitHub's CoPilot

  • Sustainable tech is gaining speed

  • CRISPR treats genetic diseases

  • Digging into the new features of ES2021

🔥 News

Flying car completes test flight between airports (BBC)

We’re one step closer to living The Jetsons’ life.

CRISPR injected into the blood treats a genetic disease for first time (Science)

Another breakthrough for mRNA technology.

Facebook announces Bulletin, its Substack newsletter competitor (The Verge)

Can the social network stem the tide of success from Substack?

The Dutch company keeping out of China's reach (FirstPost)

A profile of ASML Holding and its critical role in global chip technology.

✅ Must-reads

Fired by bot: Amazon workers are losing out to algorithms (Bloomberg)

Forget worrying about bad bosses — now it’s the robots you’ll need to please.

Cybersecurity workers flood Twitter with bikini pics to protest harassment (Vice)

The infosec professionals are pushing back against a lingering problem women still face in the industry.

GitHub Copilot: A powerful, controversial autocomplete for developers (The New Stack)

Will this new technology live up to its lofty expectations?

🌱 Sustainable Tech

British right to repair law excludes smartphones and computers (9to5Mac)

Will the UK rule be effective with such limitations in place?

4-day workweeks can boost happiness and productivity (The Atlantic)

Is it finally time to make life about less work, and boost performance all at once?

Solar device generates electricity and desalinates water with no waste brine (Physics World)

Researchers claim the new system can tackle both tasks with high efficiency.

In Scotland, wave energy device reaches critical milestone, gears up for testing (CNBC)

The device could bring a new wave of energy amid growing sustainability efforts.

💡 Get inspired

Curious cases of Rutherford and Fry (BBC Radio 4)

Check out these science sleuths who investigate everyday mysteries.

Cortex podcast (Relay FM)

A great podcast on productivity and entrepreneurship.

The End of Everything: (Astrophysically Speaking) – (Katie Mack)

An immersive look at the five ways the universe will end.

⚙ Tips & tricks

ES2021 features

Some great new features to explore that are coming to JavaScript.

3 reasons to abandon bootstrap in 2021

Is it time to move on to a better way of working?

Introducing WebContainers to run Node.js in your browser (StackBlitz)

A potentially useful tool for running web containers in your browser.

👀 Must-sees

🎥 Videos

A Go (Golang) tutorial (The Net Ninja)

A good primer on this statically typed programming language.

Between the chair and keyboard (J. Wolfgang Goerlich)

A reflection on the human element that’s often in the mix with cybersecurity.

Academic and business approaches to natural language processing (Netguru)

What are the essentials to making this approach successful?

🎙️Quote of the week

“Many organizations simply announce Agile roles and practices, counting on successful delivery to follow. What they are missing is a change management process that should accompany every innovative endeavor. Without it, people will disengage and the breakthrough idea will not get enough traction to, well, break through”.

Paweł Jarmołkowicz, Consulting Director at Netguru

Netguru’s take on….innovation consulting

🏖️ After hours

Physicists confirm Hawking’s black hole theorem (MIT News)

Gravitational wave observations offered the key evidence.

Talking dirty: the rise of audio erotica (Sifted)

Is this the next growth area in podcasting?

World Wide Web source code NFT sells for more than $5 million (DW)

A landmark piece of Internet history brings in a good collection for charity.

Codestories Team


This is the issue 91 of Codestories Newsletter – a bi-weekly dose of European Tech insights. You can learn more and subscribe here.

If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to contact the Codestories Team: codestories-team@netguru.com.

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