R&D for Good - New Digital Transformation Program for Non-Profits Launched by Netguru

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Nat Chrzanowska

May 16, 2019 • 4 min read
R&D for Good by Netguru

More than ever before, sustainability becomes a serious matter that impacts everyone on the planet. We believe every organization - including our own - should take responsibility.

That’s why we decided to introduce R&D for Good, a program leveraging our smart innovation expertise to support non-governmental organizations in their digital journeys.

What is R&D for Good?

The majority of communication happens in what we call digital - from websites and social media to mobile apps that involve technologies like Machine Learning or Augmented Reality. We’ve noticed that, very often, leading NGOs that want to change the world, lack digital transformation talent. It decreases their effectiveness, with their voice often not reaching the right audience at the right time. While these organizations should focus on their missions, it’s crucial to provide them with the right tools and technologies that aid them in their efforts. That’s the idea behind R&D for Good, a program developed by our R&D team to ensure non-profit collaboration between us and any NGO in digital need. R&D for Good is open for new, technically challenging projects that aim to help charities and non-profit organizations embrace and implement technology to support their goals.To achieve this, we are planning to educate and develop cutting-edge solutions for our partners who have the biggest impact on the world.

How you can benefit

By joining the program you get access to a team of 600 people which has delivered projects for the biggest brands in the world. Our experts will advise you along the way and you will have a chance to learn about emerging technologies from industry leaders. This means you will not have to worry about technology and will be able to focus on executing your vision. Our development teams work in agile fashion to ensure a continuous feedback loop and a shippable product after each iteration.

While participation in the program is free, we will be running our R&D for Good projects the same way we run our commercial projects, providing high quality consultancy at each step, from ideation to maintenance. Each project starts with a Product Design Sprint (PDS), which is a five-day process whose aim is to answer critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers. Our team will help you choose the right technology for the business problem and guide you during the implementation process.

Example of our PDS with city of Warsaw below.

Improving The Lives of Warsaw Residents - How the City Is Leveraging Open Data to Help Local Communities

1.7 million residents, more than 22 thousand clerks, one city, and an infinite amount of public data. Hundreds of codependent interests, competing needs, and ideas to satisfy them. How to select the ones that can genuinely improve lives in the metropolis?

Call for Ideas!

We are currently looking for NGOs on their path to change the world that could use some assistance in their digital transformation process. If you’ve ever had an idea that would help you fulfil your mission but did not have the resources to implement it, this program is for you.

Wait no more, our R&D team is excited to connect with you and discuss your ideas in detail! Please email us at rnd-for-good@netguru.com, briefly describe your project, and we will get back to you!

Photo of Nat Chrzanowska

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