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Enquire? Inspire! with @KABebop

Kamil is a skilled coder and a real enthusiast of startup-related events. He knows you should keep trying and enjoying what you do - he has won Poznan Startup Weekend with teammates who were not only talented but simply enjoyed working.



Kamil is a skilled coder and a real enthusiast of startup-related events. He knows you should keep trying and enjoying what you do - he has won Poznan Startup Weekend with teammates who were not only talented but simply enjoyed working. Apart from coding and developing software, his true passion is dancing. Hip-hop, popping, locking and house - you name it, he’ll dance it. Kamil also loves to explore cultures (and cuisines!) by visiting or hosting people from all over the world. A Moroccan sugar mint tea, a Tagine chicken or spicy Mexican salsa are just a few recent discoveries.

An Early Bird or a Night Owl?

I wake up before 8am only if I must. Sometimes the best ideas I have come after midnight - I think it’s because less things are distracting me at night. With all the emails, chats and people around me sometimes it’s hard to focus enough :)

What was the last thing that have surprised you?

That you can order dishes in Croatia just by speaking with people in Polish :) Plus when you do speak slowly in Polish you can get better prices than Germans and English folks :P

What is your greatest extravagance?

Since 3 or 4 years I like to take a photo from every place I visit where I’m standing on my hands - just to see the world from a different angle ;)

Developing or building up from scratch?

Of course - building from scratch. I love when you’re building something not knowing exactly what it would be. That’s why I love startups so much - sometimes when you compare the idea you were starting with to the ending result, you’ll notice a really big gap :) The process of switching solutions to make the users happier is really a nice idea. Also when you’re starting a project there is a lot of motivation and all people are very enthusiastic about it - in time if changes aren’t gaining users for your application the downgrade of the motivation is one of the challenges you’ll met. When you’re building from scratches you see the progress very quick and that’s what is motivating me the most.

Most used gadget?

Using my smartphone as an mp3 player. I love music from a lot of different genres and I can’t imagine my live without it. Especially when I’m walking it’s easier to have a good rhythm when you’re listening to good music :)

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?

“it happens”, “smile” - it’s hard to say because I like to speak a lot and I think my friends would know better which phrases I overuse :P

What is your most treasured possession?

My memories - I have so many good memories that I love to recall. I think memories of people you have met or places you’ve visited are the most important for me nowadays. They give me a lot of experience and perspective. What I remember and what I have lived makes me the person who I am now. Especially the people I’ve met and their stories are sometimes so uplifting.

Who is your technological guru?

I don’t have any technological guru. I like people like Leonardo da Vinci or Einstein but not because they had skills in technological fields but because their minds were really opened to the world and could view it from a new perspective.

A bike or a beer?

I don’t have a bike so the answer is easy - beer :) When I’m abroad I always want to taste the beer from that country even if it is as hard to get as when I was in Morocco. In some cities there, you could easily pass a building with closed windows not knowing that it’s a pub if someone wouldn’t open the doors there for a moment :)

What have you found truly inspiring lately?

I met a guy some time ago who is younger than me and met the love of his life while staying in Italy. She was from Korea and came back to her country after that visit in Italy. The guy decided to send her a letter in which he nearly proposed to her - he wrote something like “if I’ll come you should know that I’ll want to be with you not only for the two weeks and I have serious intentions”. She answered YES so he flew to Korea, spent two weeks with her and now they are happily married and living in Poznań - if you want something very much nothing will stop you :D

Most used app?

Now it’s Spotify - as I said I love music and can’t live without it and Spotify gives you the possibility to have your whole music collection synchronised throughout all of your devices, computers and smartphones. And sharing music now is easier - you can just send a song to your friend via spotify :)

Which website do you visit everyday?

I visit every day 3 websites for sure: Gmail - I’m checking emails there, Facebook - I’m staying in touch with my friends and people/topics/events in which I’m interested in and or - to read the hedlines by which I know what’s happening in the world :)

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