Frontend Interview Series! Interview With Krzysztof Brusewicz

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Krzysztof Brusewicz

Aug 16, 2021 • 3 min read
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Here comes another interview from our Frontend department. This is an interview with Krzysztof Brusewicz, a Senior Frontend Developer who started at Netguru in October 2020.

This is a series of interviews with our developers who would like to contribute to our culture of knowledge sharing. Read more in the article below.

Did you have any industry experience before Netguru? If so, please tell us about what you were doing.

I did have experience before Netguru. I started out as an aspiring developer and did some freelance work that I would love to forget ASAP. :) After several disappointing experiences, I decided to become a full time developer for another company. My journey started with react, but I quickly switched to angular and typescript. I did my fair share of projects, most of them included a diagramming library rAppid.js and were about BPMN or UML.

What are the projects you have worked on so far at Netguru?

The first project was an extension of an existing static webpage. The stack was mainly React with Gatsby and datoCMS, and as far as ecommerce is concerned, the technology of choice is Recurly with QuickBooks. Currently, I am in a super fun and interesting project. Technology, client, team – everything is great so far.

What’s your favorite technology, and why?

Still Angular with TS, even though my team tries to convert me to React :). I like the structure and established practices and I enjoy the strongly typed language and heavily opinionated framework. This doesn’t mean that I am not happy to check new options and expand my field of expertise.

What would you like to learn in the next 12 months and why?

I would like to expand my React knowledge. It is something I started out with, but the framework and practices changed with time. I am interested in the hooks approach, which is entirely different from Angular's services. Apart from frontend technologies, I plan to continue my backend adventure with NestJS.

What do you consider to be the biggest lesson you've learnt so far (either from your success or failure)?

My most significant learning experience was my first group project, where I could learn from other developers. I enjoy friendly disputes and love to talk about potentially better solutions, if there is enough time in the project.

What do you do for your personal development outside Netguru? What would you recommend to others (books, podcasts, courses, platforms, vlogs, etc.)?

I watch courses on Udemy, Frontend Masters, Pluralsight – depending on which platform has the course needed for future skills development. Another part of self-improvement is talking with my peers and colleagues in or outside of Netguru. I think their opinions and thoughts are very helpful.

Photo of Krzysztof Brusewicz

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Krzysztof Brusewicz

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