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Hire a Mobile App Development Team and Deliver an Application Your Clients Will Love

According to Statista’s estimations, in 2018 52.2% of all worldwide online traffic was generated through mobile phones. However, trends have changed in mobile app development. There’s been a major shift from native to cross-platform development, as well as other alternatives like Progressive Web Apps. On the other hand, native development is growing strong thanks to technologies such as AR, VR or AI. How do you pick the right solution for your business? Choose a partner that will help you make the right decision.

How to find a partner for mobile app development

There is no secret recipe for finding the mobile app development company. However, when choosing a partner it is worth considering whether the company:

  1. Has previously worked on different types of mobile apps.

  2. Has experience in different technologies including cross-platform development, so it can recommend the best solution for you.

  3. Has positive reviews from previous clients.

  4. Not only provides the highest quality of work, but also the highest quality of service – so you can trust it.

Here are some facts about our experience with mobile app development we want to share today.

React Native on the rise

We’ve seen a major switch from native to cross-platform programming with React Native, a framework that enables programmers to write code once for multiple systems. Netguru’s developers have tested this technology in different projects. While React Native can significantly reduce the time and cost of development, it’s obvious that it has some constraints and is not the right solution for all kinds of apps. Here are some of our React-based projects:

  • temi – the personal assistant robot


  • Oncimmune – Mobile app for calculating the risk of cancer,

  • Hive – All-in-one productivity platform and app,

  • Countr – Social shopping platform,


  • – Live translation app for travellers,

  • ChaperHome – Safety app connecting users with family members or close friends,


  • Petro Niche – Mobile mapping app for the oil and gas industry.

PWA for inclusive app development

Progressive Web Apps, another alternative to native development, have also gained ground in the online marketplace (Lancôme, Twitter, Forbes, and many more use it). PWAs are faster, lighter, and cheaper in development and maintenance than native applications. Companies that have adopted PWAs observe increasing conversions as well as better app performance and user experience.

Native development still strong

On the other hand, with the growing popularity of AR, VR and IoT solutions, native development is growing strong. The emerging technologies implicate new solutions that would compete with the more efficient alternatives. A good example is Kotlin – a programming language for Android apps supported by Google. Our recently developed app, CarLens, uses all these technologies and proves that native development is here to stay.


Regardless of all the trends, your project is one of a kind and definitely needs a unique approach. If you’re looking for a straight answer about whether you need a mobile app or not and what’s the best solution for your project, the best way to find out is to talk with some experts who can advise you on this.

Drop us a message and talk with our expert and get answers to some of these questions:

  • Do I need a mobile app?

  • Is my app secure enough?

  • What solution should I choose for mobile development?

  • How much will it cost?

Netguru builds software and custom mobile applications that lets people do things differently. We’ve already helped companies from all over the world, including Babbel, IKEA, Volkswagen, solarisBank, Helpling, and Oncimmune.

Let us know how we can help your business today.

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