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Integrating Pivotal Tracker with GitHub, Rollbar and Hipchat

The key to success is not only to choose best tools… it is also to make all of them working efficiently together. Here are few tricks we use at Netguru to make Pivotal Tracker even more useful.

A day in the life of a PM typically consists of tracking progress of tasks, catching new bugs, reporting working hours, communicating with customers.

Keeping all of these tasks in order would be incredibly difficult without the help of multiple management apps that help us manage each and every project. As a Project Manager at Netguru, I’m particularly interested in using Project Management apps like Pivotal Tracker. But the key to success is not only to choose best tools… it is also to make all of them working efficiently together.

Here are few tricks we use at Netguru to make this management tool even more useful.

GitHub integration

Which dev actually working on the ticket? What are all changes done so far? When was the last change made? We can answer these, and many more questions, by reading commits made by developers. But it would be quite difficult for a Project Manager or a client to keep looking for answers about particular tickets in the GitHub itself. To solve this inconvenience, we add commits as comments to the User Story that they are related to. All the information is focused in one place (comments) attached to the ticket.


Commits added as comments to Pivotal ticket

Rollbar integration

We use Rollbar to collect errors from web applications that we create. Of course, we deal with all bugs later on, therefore I should keep adding bugs from Rollbar to Pivotal Tracker. But wait... in few simple steps we can configure it so that bugs are added to Pivotal icebox automatically. This saves my time and ensures all errors will be taken care of in the future.


A Pivotal ticket - bug added automatically from rollbar (with a rollbar label attached)

Hipchat integration

Whenever changes are made in Pivotal, we do want them to be noticed by everyone in the team. As we are frequently visiting our HipChat rooms, we decided to have all the notifications displayed here. This way, not only are the Project Managers aware of changes, but every Stakeholder involved in the project can stay up to date with every single change.


HipChat notifications

Dashguru integration

One of our Project Manager’s tasks is to report the progress of each project to the client, every single week. In the past, we sent an email with a short project summary every Monday. However, exporting and formatting completed tickets from Pivotal was time consuming.

With API integration, we’ve been able to extract a pre-formatted project summary and send it straight to our internal app - Dashguru.

Once the export is completed, it’s the summary is ready to be sent to our customers.

Of course, we use many more tools to make our projects successful. Soon in our post, you’ll see why our HipChat rooms are full of colourful notifications and what they all mean... Stay tuned!

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