iOS Brief #22 - Web Crawler and Primitive Obsession

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Patryk Kalinowski

Apr 11, 2017 • 3 min read

Hi! Allow me to present you another edition of the iOS Brief!

This time we are sharing another set of interesting links. Read about animations, web crawling and new features in Swift 3.1.

What’s New in Swift 3.1?

Cosmin Pupaza explains new features of Swift 3.1 beta including instructions on how to update packages, all with code examples which are clear and easy to understand. Read more

Top 5 iOS Libraries — April 2017

Animations and great UI is what makes iOS apps so beautiful. The COBE Team prepared a list of top 5 animation libraries to keep your users in awe while using your app everyday. Read more

How to Make a Web Crawler in Swift

Topic of web crawling is usually explored with scripting languages like Python, but Federico Zanetello was wondering if Swift is ready to take this challenge. He dived into Swift scripting to create a working web crawler. Read more

Avoiding Primitive Obsession in Swift

Excellent guide by Alex Curran: “It’s all too easy to pass information around in your code as strings or ints, but this can soon catch up with you. Swift has a powerful set of protocols to avoid this situation, which can ensure your code is still well-modelled, whilst being easy to write.” Read more

Native App Animations in Xcode Using Sketch, After Effects and Lottie from Airbnb

And again on animations! The Mobbidiction team wrote a nice step-by-step tutorial for every developer keen to learn some design. Creating your own designs is not that hard and very rewarding. Read more


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