iOS Brief #24 - Navigation and Optimization

Patryk Kalinowski

Jun 13, 2017 • 3 min read

Hi there, iOS enthusiasts! Let’s see what’s new this month in the iOS world.

A critical analysis of notification systems

Shankar Raman compares the notification systems of iOS and Android. He explains the different approaches and principles behind those designs, points out the rights and wrongs and how they can influence your mood. Read more

All Thumbs, Why Reach Navigation Should Replace the Navbar in iOS Design

Brad Ellis tells the story of the increasing size of iPhone screens and the issue with the top navigation bar. He also presents several ideas and concepts on how to fix the problem of too short thumbs before evolution does it for us. Read more

iOS Interview Questions

A curated list of iOS interview questions and answers to save your time during job search and interview prep. Read more

10 iOS App Store Optimisation Techniques – How to Improve Your iOS App’s Visibility

App Store is an unforgiving market. With fierce competition, getting noticed is getting harder and harder. Radosław Szeja shares his 10 techniques to make yourself stand out in the sea of mediocre apps. Read more

iOS 11 Concept from MacStories

iOS 11 is coming, and it’s raising big hopes for the future of iPad. MacStories prepared a very good iOS 11 concept, showing beautiful and useful enhancements for everyday swipes. It’s already been watched 500 000 times. Watch the video

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