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Last PRUG speedy review...

After PRUG January turned out to be our little success – both in terms of attendance and presentations’ level – we were a bit afraid if we could repeat such good results and organize an equally interesting meeting.

We’ve started PRUG February with a slight delay, pleasantly surprised that in terms of attendance February meeting matched the one held in January. Just for statistic’s enthusiasts – overall, 22 devs showed up, we had 3 presentations and one lighting talk.

First presentation on jRuby was led by Michal Datberg. He has mentioned several examples of how can you effectively use the features of Java while programming in Ruby

Marcin Stecki has given a lighting talk on PRY and PRY REMOTE, explaining how to use both gems to debug extremely difficult cases. On the top of that, he has presented how to use these gems to track bugs and restore the user DIRECTLY in the production environment. HOW COOL IS THAT?!

The purpose of the third presentation, conducted by Alexander Kwiatkowski, was exactly the opposite the Michał Datberg’s bit. Olek shared with us his bad experience with jRuby, ranking from difficulties with choosing gems, to the fact that your code probably won’t work on Sundays (lazy lazy code). Another handy lesson that comes from his experience, can be summed up with a one phrase “Remember kids = Customer means troubles.”

Jakub Żuchowski spoke about Cucumber and how it may replace the RSpec in acceptance tests. He has given a brief on behavioral tests’ typical duty cycle (refactoring code to comply with the test) and described how the domain language Gherkin looks like. Jakub pointed out that Cucumber is an additional layer of abstraction underneath which tests (especially matchers) RSpec are hidden. His presentation triggered a hot discussion if this practice has a future at all, and whether it is used by the people to whom it is addressed.

We’ve managed to twist the meeting formula in a rather natural manner – a lot of cross-questioning and resolving doubts on the current basis. Most presentations have been complemented by voices from the audience straight away. Needless to say that discussions have lasted long after the meeting’s official part has been completed – mostly exchange of experiences of regulars PRUG members with people who have been with us for the very first time.

After the meeting, somebody smart came up with the initiative to create a IRC channel to make it possible to share interesting facts and views, not only during PRUG. So now you can find us here: on

The last idea we’ve managed to put into practice is “PRUG with gzikiem” (for non-polish speakers this is gzik;) which is a less formal version of PRUG meetings. We eat, we have a beer, and we chat. More details here.

Finally, please note that the next PRUG will be held on Thursday, 29th of March, and you can submit your presentations from now on! Fear not, contact us at !

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