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Nov 30, 2012 • 4 min read

I’d like to share with you some information on our communication process and tools that we use internally. Maybe you’ll find it useful and helpful. Maybe it will initiate some changes, who knows?

? ;-)

Communication with Hipchat.

Around last Xmas we’ve switched from Skype to HipChat and we still love to use it. I think every person from our team could confirm that it was the best change we’ve made.

But what makes HipChat better than other tools ( Skype, Campfire, etc.)?

  • it can be installed as a desktop application and run automatically at starting your computer
  • it can also run via browser or iphone, android and other mobile device
  • in our HipChat we’ve created private rooms for every project we develop. Each room consists of dedicated developers, project manager and our Clients, who can reach us at any time
  • we can mention a single user or a group of users

  • and finally - we can implement our ideas, likes bots or anything that comes to our mind!

Some examples with the use of our lovely HipBot and other implemented functionalities:

  • we get information about tasks from Pivotal Tracker, Circle (tests- failed, succeeded), Backup, Deployment - all can be used with a mention option, so if the test fails you get an information on your desktop

  • we can start a deployment of the project with the use of command: @hipbot deploy to staging/beta plz :)

HipBot has also other abilities:

  • mem function

  • sending requests to our seniors:

  • and other like this Code Climate, which checks code improvement:

  • embedding videos and images with preview, searching with google

  • or any dictionary to explain difficult things like this:

  • and if you are bored or no one likes you, you can always talk with HipBot

So as you see HipChat can be extended to great information-machine, which helps us everyday, and makes us happier.

So… maybe let’s try hipchat ;-)

by Maciej, developer at Netguru

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