Enterprises Working Like Startups: Netguru Labs to Help Large Organisations Innovate and Change Faster

Ola Prejs

Dec 15, 2016 • 6 min read

Netguru, a leading enterprise software development company, is joining forces with Vesa Palmu, a successful entrepreneur and senior consultant, to teach big companies to think and move like fast, flexible startups. Netguru Labs, a new division led by Palmu, will work with large organisations, helping them to apply agile methods and tools to their business development.

“For me this is the natural next step: taking the agile approach to the next level, with processes and tools originating from startups. I've seen many organisations having a hard time with rapid change, and this is the perfect approach for helping them." Vesa Palmu, Director, Enterprise Solutions, Netguru

Digital transformation done the startup way

Rapid innovation is being led by software proliferation in every sector: “Software is eating industries”. And it’s happening again and again. The facts are brutal: You need to be really fast to stay ahead, or even just to keep up. IDC foresees that every industry will be transformed by the application of mobile, cloud computing and social media technologies. In fact, it says up to one-third of the top 20 companies in every industry will be challenged as new or existing entrants use the third platform to change the sector’s pricing or processes.

As a result, getting faster, slimmer and less bureaucratic has become a necessity merely for survival - let alone excellence. The smartest leaders of top world companies are already sold on this trend, and the results are staggering. Netflix, the new era TV juggernaut, is run agile. Zalando, the European fashion e-commerce Wunderkind, preaches “radical agility” - because, it seems, ordinary agility is no longer enough. Bain predicts agile methodologies could possibly triple the productivity of an innovation project.

“Over eight years of running this business I’ve observed that the market is changing. We started as a provider working almost exclusively with startups, but in recent years more and more big organisations are deciding to partner with us to build their products and solutions. This proves that large corporations also need professional help in building software that will be able to take their businesses through a faster digital transformation." Wiktor Schmidt, CEO & co-founder, Netguru

By the end of 2017, two-thirds of the Global 2000 enterprises will have Digital Transformation at the center of their corporate strategy, IDC predicts.

According to Gartner, leaders of large companies are under pressure to support fast-evolving digital business scenarios but are finding traditional project and business development methods unsuitable. Enterprises are increasingly turning to new ways to innovate, leaner business models and agile development to speed up projects and illustrate their value. They’re trying to mimic startups.

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Netguru Labs: taking the lessons of startups to large organizations

There are various ways for enterprises to do that: working with startups; investing in them or acquiring them; and trying to change internally, often helped by an external company like Netguru. (Thanks to our broad customer base, we’re also able to introduce large companies to startups to pursue the first two options.)

Since 2008 our approach has been to help customers learn by doing. We use startup processes to run teams that combine customer industry expertise, product design and technical expertise. The end result is accelerated change, enabled by software.

“We are pleased to introduce Netguru Labs, a new breed of vendor. Our ambition is to introduce large organisations to the tools and processes powering the fastest and most innovative startups in the world.” Vesa Palmu, Director, Enterprise Solutions, Netguru

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