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Netguru Presents: Rock-Paper-Scissors. On Slack

I had nothing to do during the weekend. So I created a slackbot to play rock-paper-scissors on our favourite communication tool. Enjoy.


Who pays for pizza today?

There is a rising trend for Conversational UX. More and more use cases can be handled in terms of a simple talk between the user and the service. I had a very simple problem - find out who pays for pizza tonight, who calls Uber or sets up PlayStation. I knew that one of the funny ways to handle such situations is playing rock-paper-scissors. So I created a slackbot that leads the conversation and eventually solves all challenges.

Rock-paper-scissors on Slack


Slack’s Judge bot will tell you the truth

I started from a simple use case - I have two or more guys that I want to challenge to a rock-paper-scissors game and prevent anyone from cheating. Simple as that, I designed a path, where you challenge other users in a public channel, send your choice of figure to the judge bot through a Direct Message and simply wait for verdict.

Rock-paper-scissors on Slack

Rock-paper-scissors on Slack

I worked on this bot for two days and chose a technology which I didn’t have a chance to learn so far - node.js. I wanted to have fun during development and learn something new. Slack API is very extensive. As I was interested in putting together a MVP and validating if the idea will be used among my teammates, I decided to use easy and quick solutions - Heroku, MongoDB and the node.js Slack Client.

You can check out our Slack bot on this Github repository. There you will find a Readme file which covers the whole use case for the bot, including screenshots and features that I didn’t mention here. The deployment process is also well described, have fun!


It took me approximately 12 - 15 hours of work in the technology which I have not previously used. Unfortunately, it did not include any testing, but it was just a fun project! Hope that my teammates will spend much more time playing rock-paper-scissors than I spent on developing it. :)

Tell me if you enjoyed playing in the comments below!

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