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New Ruby on Rails Website Design? Look at our Alternative Version!

Three days ago, David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Ruby on Rails, gave the community something that got everyone talking. His Twitter followers could see the exciting news about the upcoming new design of We’re looking forward to see the whole work as we’re sure it will be awesome!

Why would we do that? The main goal was to contribute to the RoR community and show them what we’ve got. Well, we believe that the only constant thing is change, and redesigning a website every Ruby on Rails developer knows seemed a great idea to reflect this value. We were really excited about bringing something good to the RoR people out there. Last year we even created a quick draft for that! Drumroll, please:


What do you think?

One the one side DHH’s tweet was a great news - We can’t wait to see the new design, on the other side we regret that we didn’t spend more time on this. On the other hand, we created many other interesting projects like Inbbbox for Dribble.

Even designing this single screen was pretty fun and challenging. We didn’t want to change the structure of the homepage. Our goal was to update the look and feel and make the implementation simplified to the maximum. Even if the design wasn’t used on the original website, we could always present it in the portfolio. DHH revealed that they’re creating a video, so I guess we can expect a much bigger redesign.

In advance - huge congratulations for the whole team on doing an amazing job! If you need any help, we are always willing to jump on board.

Wanna kickstart your year with some inspiring thoughts about design? We would love to show you the set of 10 posts we published last year on our blog. Jump in, you won’t regret it!

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