Working Effectively With a Node.js Developers Team: Benefits, Limitations and Tips

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Filip Soszyński

Sep 20, 2017 • 9 min read

The success of your project lies in the hands of your software development company.

Their efficient cooperation will help deliver the product on time and within budget. It’s also important what you yourself do – if you don’t communicate efficiently with your team or fail to understand the specifics of working with Node.js teams, many things can go unexpectedly wrong.

Characteristics of working with Node.js teams

Depending on the technology you are building the app with, the way your development team will work will be different. The first thing to consider is the time scope of your project. In the long run, Node.js offers relatively low costs of development. Your initial budget will be bigger in comparison to Ruby on Rails, for instance, but with the app’s expansion, scale, new features, and further maintenance, the costs will drop and the development time will be shorter. That’s why it’s more efficient to build a demo or an MVP and a prototype your application with Ruby on Rails. That said, with RoR, the costs will grow more rapidly with time.

Secondly, since many popular frontend frameworks are based on Javascript (e.g. React, Ember, or Angular), it will be much easier to communicate within the team between backend and frontend developers. Both sides will write in the same language, so they will be able to understand code with ease, working more efficiently in effect.

Node.js is an unopinionated environment, which means that it comes with few guidelines. Developers need to pick and write solutions on their own. Therefore, at the start of the project, their experience and knowledge about different frameworks should be more extensive than in the case of RoR projects, where many things will be predefined at the get-go.

Javascript is one of the most popular developing languages, which makes it easier to find full-stack programmers with Node.js. It is also easier for someone who already knows Node.js to learn frontend and vice versa. Quite often, you can find developers that can both write the server- and the client-side of the application. You are likely to have a smaller team that will be easier to manage.

Finally, you should consider that with the growing popularity of Node.js, there is a rising demand for skilled and experienced developers, which will make finding members of your team more difficult. You should consider that, if you are planning to scale your application in the near future. If you want to hire more devs for your team, specify the recruitment needs and plan it way ahead so that the lack of coders won’t hamper your work.

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Advantages of working with a Node.js development team

First of all, you can potentially have a smaller team as a result of finding full-stack developers who can write both the front-end and the back-end of the application. As a result, they’ll spend less time on application setup. It will also be easier for them learn the technology and develop skills, because there are more resources about Node.js to study available online. Node.js is getting more and more popular, and JavaScript is the most popular programming language. Even the rarest problems have already been discussed on StackOverflow.

Secondly, the communication within the Node.js developers will be more efficient. Developers will use the same programming language: JavaScript. They will have better knowledge about the framework functionalities and business logic.

Node.js is an open-source technology, and there are many tools available for free, so you won’t have to waste time and money on expensive solutions. On top of that, Node and JS stacks are very rich and are growing dynamically. The number of packages at your disposal is gigantic. Node.js also provides an easy and convenient testing framework, which will ensure a very low number of bugs. There are many tried and tested libraries available whereas in Java the testing process is cumbersome. Test-driven development will make your code better and easier-to-maintain. What’s more, Node.js is a dynamically growing technology with a huge potential for creating cutting-edge solutions for applications in the nearest future.
In the long run, Node.js will be much cheaper as well. Costs decrease with time, when you add new features and expand the application. Node.js is a more flexible environment. It doesn’t make so many decisions for us, so we can adjust the framework freely to whatever we need in our apps.

Finally, Node.js is used by many big companies, which found it useful in many projects. Netflix, Trello, Walmart, LinkedIn, to name a few, have already appreciated all the benefits of Node.js.

Tips for working efficiently in Node.js team

To make the work more efficient in your development team, you should follow a few rules in terms of communication and code testing and writing. Remember that you, as a client (a Product Owner or Manager), are the most important person in the project. It’s crucial that you communicate your needs in a clear way so as to make sure that everyone is on the same page throughout the whole process.

To ensure an efficient information flow, you should report all the changes and requirements to your team as soon as possible. In such way, they won’t waste time for developing features or parts of the application that then will have to be changed.

A Project Manager should be an intermediary between you and the developers. The team then can focus exclusively on coding. Make sure that all the information goes through one person, the PM, so that you can be sure that nothing goes missing and information circulation is effective. One of the worst things you can do is to tell separate pieces of information to different team members.

Code review is the process in which developers review and evaluate each other’s code. It’s an essential part of application building, which ensures high-quality code with no bugs. The goal of code review is to make the project better, faster, and more secure through bulletproof code. Therefore, you should also make sure that your team regularly conducts a code review.

Another crucial factor in terms of code quality is test writing. Test writing decreases the cost of code maintenance in the long-run, because it will be easier to develop code that’s well-written.

Finally, building software in the agile way can help you solve all potential problems, manage workflow, and keep all issues under control. Our workflow is based on one-week sprints, in which we schedule new feature implementation. To stay on top of things, it’s good to have a weekly call with the team as well as daily standup meetings so that developers always stay on top of things. Each sprint should also end with a sprint review in which you sum up all the good and bad things and potential solutions to improve the process.

The above aspects gain on significance as your team grows. The more developers are building the products, the more important it is to follow best practices. The size of your team will naturally depend on the number of features you want to implement, the time scope and the potential future development of the project. With Node.js, as we mentioned before, you can potentially have smaller teams.


Working with Node.js teams differs in many aspects from developing products with other technologies. That said, many things stay the same. There are numerous benefits of working with Node.js teams such as efficient communication, lower long-term costs, and strong support from the community. However, when it comes to universal principles of software development, the communication, project management and code writing remain similar to any other programming framework. We hope that this article helped you understand what working with a Node.js team is like. If you have any concerns or questions, drop us a message.

Photo of Filip Soszyński

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