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Our Top Stories of 2014: Ruby on Rails Resources, Communication Hacks and...

As the year comes to an end, we can’t help but to look back. But before you dive into the New Year's Eve countdown for good, we wanted to squeeze in our top articles from 2014.

Our Ruby on Rails and iOS team wishes each of you a truly amazing 2015! Have an inspiring read and see you all next year!

So A Female Programmer Walks Into A Bar...

A personal story of one of our developers that made our hearts melt.

How To Make Friends And Influence People On LinkedIn

If growing the business network is your goal for the next year, make sure to try out our battle tested LinkedIn hacks to make the most out of this tool.

How Sass 3.3 Will Save Your RWD Problems

Responsive design has taken the world of tech by storm in 2014. This post covers our favorite features in Sass 3.3, and how they help us with creating stunning responsive web pages.

Turning Visitors Into Customers Through User Experience

Struggling to turn website visitors into customers? Follow our tips to discover how using UX will help you achieve just that.

Most Loved Ruby on Rails Open Source Projects

A list of the best open source Ruby on Rails projects, ranked by the amount of stars on Github, that conquered the Internet.

5 Communication Tactics For Building Great Web Apps

Working with a remote team can be a challenge. Learn how to maintain trust and keep everyone involved on the same page to create a great product.

Start Small: Why MVP Is A Good Way To Start

One should not spend money on new products without being sure that the products will be a success. A handy post exploring various methods for finding & testing the Minimum Viable Product (with real life examples!).

How Developing SPA Influenced Me & My Code

'Front-end coding started to be pleasant!', said a Ruby on Rails developer after spending 8 months with Single Page Apps.

Top Free Ruby Tutorials Available Online

Ready to flex your Ruby muscles in 2015? Great! We've put together a number of free online resources for beginners. You can also apply for our in-house Ruby on Rails workshops, the full schedule for the next few months is already live.

How To Get Developers To Write A Blog Post

We try to do our best at maintaining a good blog here at netguru. It's for you to judge if we are doing well or not, but either way, it sure is a hard task. This gets us to the issue - how do we get our developers to write?

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