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Our Way: Christmas Tree Competition at Netguru

Once upon a time, there were 150 good-hearted humans scattered around Poland in 7 cities: Poznań, Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Wroclaw, Bialystok, and Zielona Gora. They all had one thing in common: they were code masters, bug busters, relentless project tamers, and beautiful-minded support angels of the Netguru tribe. These humans were about to celebrate holidays this year in a very special way.

Winter holidays were coming and the Netguru tribe wondered: how can they make this Christmas better than the previous ones? How can they unite for the same cause? The idea was simple. The royal court of Netguru in Poznań announced a Christmas tree competition for all other courts.

Netguru Team

Each team had the same amount of time to build a Christmas tree that would impress the jury. The design was left to the teams’ imagination. Each court came up with one magical idea…

Christmas Tree From Wrocław

The Wrocław gathering of the Netguru tribe lives in a small castle, therefore their Christmas tree was adjusted to the court’s size. Its classical wintery look moved the hearts of other Netgureans.

Christmas Tree From Cracow

Cracow, the truly fairytale-like city with its famous Dragon of Wawel, astonished other courts with an unexpectedly modern design of their Christmas tree. The material used can be recycled, which reflected the empathy towards poor spruce trees originally used for Christmas decorations. 

The city of Gdańsk, renowned for its fresh ideas coming with the wind from the Baltic Sea, presented their Christmas tree in a motion picture, which truly impressed all Netgureans. Don't worry if you don't understand Polish, you'll laugh at this video anyway.

Christmas Tree From Warsaw

The jolly gathering of Varsovian Netgureans decided to make their Christmas tree a truly shareable gift. All the gold they were given for materials and decorations was spent on dog chow to feed the poor residents of a dog shelter. Nevertheless - the gift kept the shape of a tree for quite a while.

Christmas Tree From Poznań

The largest gathering of Netgureans also created the largest tree, but the story it tells melted the jury’s hearts. The tree represents the growth of Netguru family: it started from just enough people to put in one room and now 150 Netgureans work with IT magic. Each ornament contains a portrait of one Netguru folk.

Chistmas Tree From Poznań - Decorations
How did this story end? Well, the court of Poznań fully deserved their award for the most beautiful Christmas tree of Netguru tribe. It brought a lot of joy during the last week’s holiday gathering. We wish you holidays as beautiful as the Christmas trees you just saw. May your New Year bring you many great ideas, happy days and exciting projects :)

Merry Christmas From All Netguru Team

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