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Integrating Pivotal Tracker with GitHub, Rollbar and Slack

A project manager is a true multi-tasker. However, it would be hard to succeed without tools to help make the work more efficient and smooth. Here’s the tool stack we use at Netguru.

A project manager is a true multi-tasker. Tracking the progress of projects, spotting new bugs, reporting working hours and dealing with client calls are just some of the activities that a project manager has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. It wouldn’t be possible, however, without tools to help make the work more efficient and smooth. Here’s the tool stack we use at Netguru.

Pivotal Tracker - for progress tracking

Pivotal Tracker is the heart of a project manager’s work process. It is a story-based project planning tool based on agile software methods. Project Managers, developers, quality assurance specialists and clients have constant access to the progress of a project, which is divided into stories and grouped in fixed segments of time, called iterations.

Pivotal Tracker has many fantastic features and one of them is the ability to integrate it with other tools. Using GitHub, Rollbar and Slack alongside Pivotal Tracker enables the project manager to have the workflow under control and saves time, thereby helping manage projects successfully.

GitHub - for coding collaboration

GitHub is the main collaborative platform used by developers. Project managers can track the progress of coding by monitoring which projects developers are working on, when they make deployments and what changes they commit to the project. The progress can be monitored on GitHub alone, but it’s much easier when it’s integrated with Pivotal Tracker. The commits are added as comments to the User Story, thus consolidating all available information in one place - on the ticket.


Commits added as comments to a Pivotal ticket

Rollbar - for detecting bugs

Rollbar detects bugs that happen during project coding. When an error occurs, RollBar extracts reports which include all available data to help detect the bug and to react to it quickly. We have integrated Rollbar with Pivotal Tracker so bugs are added to Pivotal icebox automatically. This way we make sure that no bug is missed and everything is fixed as soon as possible.


A Pivotal ticket with a bug added automatically from rollbar (with a rollbar label attached)

Slack - for constant communication

Slack is our main tool for communication. We have switched from Hipchat to Slack mainly because it offers so many integration opportunities. It is also integrated with Pivotal Tracker so that we get notified every time a change is implemented on Pivotal. How does this work? Every team that works on a project shares a common Slack channel where all notifications from Pivotal Tracker appear. Every time a bug, feature or comment in a discussion is added, team members are automatically notified on the Slack channel.


Integrating Pivotal Tracker with other tools has dramatically improved our work process and increased our efficiency. It helps project managers, quality assurance specialists and developers communicate with ease and ensures we deliver high quality projects to the clients.

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