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PRUG February... so soon!

Memories of PRUG January had no chance to fade away yet, and we’re already found ourselves in an organization rush for the next meeting.

Uff and it’s so much to do! Especially as we consider the last one quite a success and we’re doing our best to keep up the PRUG high mark.

If you are a Rubyist, and you happen to stay in Poznan next Thursday, you just can’t miss this gig!

Just to remind you, this time the speakers’ list includes 4 brave man, 3 of which are the members of our fellow Ruby team;) Michał Datberg will explain how fun Jruby _can be. Marcin Stecki will use his speaking skills for a lighting talk about _PRY coolness. And Jakub Żuchowski will talk about… Cucumber;) But first, we will have a real pleasure to listen to Aleksander Kwiatkowski from Infusion Polska. If you don’t know a bit about alternative Ruby interpreters, this is your man. He knows them all, and he wants to share his knowledge;)

We keep our fingers crossed for all of you guys!

PRUG February is fast approaching! Beware!

In a nutshell:

When? Soooo soon! This Thursday! (23.02) at 19.00

Where? As usual – Netguru’s office at Wozna 9c/poznan

Why? Well, as someone smart stated before “Programming is like sex: one mistake and you’re providing support for a lifetime”. So maybe it’s a good idea to grasp some solid knowledge ;) Not to mention the chance of meeting some fun devs who are crazy about Ruby.

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