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PRUG January!

Some of us may have regretted that the Poznan Ruby User Group meeting in December has been canceled, but we hope that “PRUG January” rewarded you for a long time of waiting.

Until the last week, the composition of the speakers was very “local”, what should not surprise anyone. Michał Datberg and Krzysztof Jabłoński announced their presentations. Marcin Stecki proposed a lightning talk about jQueryMobile.

Rumors from Wrocław have reached us, a few days before the event, that DRUG wants to visit us and give two presentations. Due to the obvious reasons we could not resign from the presentations of wroclavian readers and that’s how Paweł Pacana and Robert Pankowecki were added to our speakers list. After closing the list of speakers we sent information about the meeting by email to Atena and AKAI scientific circles, by post on and via Facebook to the rest of the world.

Guys from Netguru were responsible for drinks, venue and comfortable seating. We were pleasantly surprised when the first guests began to show up at about 6:30! We were waiting patiently for starting until 7:10.

  • Robert Pankowecki was speaking about testing communication with external services in Rails and Event Machine.
  • Paweł Pacana gave a presentation about Webmachine and Ruby.
  • After a short break, Marcin Stecki gave a lightning talk about his recent experiences with jQuery Mobile. In short he has pointed out a few pros and many cons. His idea can be summarized with the words “Jquery Mobile why do you force me to use HTML4 again?”.

You could say that at that point the official part was over. However many of us have stayed and listened to the talk dedicated to DRUG, given by Paweł Pacana. It was a summary of their three years of work. Paweł showed us how our colleagues from Wroclaw have started and how have they developed. He also mentioned Wrocloverb, which is a Ruby conference organized by the DRUG and sponsored by, among others, Netguru and Fundation Polak 2.0. This part was very inspiring, we noted a few ideas, and certainly we will try to put them into practice in Poznan.

At the end we would like to thank the participants for coming - at the peak of the meeting there were 27 people present, which made “PRUG January” even more numerous event than the “Prug 1.0” which occurred in the March last year! We ensure you that we will take every effort to make the next PRUG equally interesting! ; )

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