Ruby Brief #45 - Standard Gems, RailsConf '17, Serverless

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Jun 13, 2017 • 3 min read

Welcome to the 45th edition of Ruby Brief – your monthly selection of best news, tips and trends from the Ruby world. Enjoy! is Now Using Elasticsearch

“’s search functionality was not up to the mark. One must not have high hopes while using LIKE operator anyway. It was slow, inept and you could only search for rubygem names. The new search is, at the very least, way faster.” Read more

The Half-Life of Code

Sandi Metz is one of the most well-known Ruby programmers worldwide, and she had a fair share of maintenance in her career. She explains how six weeks are enough for many web apps to become an incomprehensible mess of code. Metz also gives advice on how to prevent this from happening. Read more

Ruby Standard Gems

The Ruby ecosystem will change again with the release of Ruby 2.5. Standard Gems will hold a repository of default gems (that you cannot remove) and bundled gems (installed by default with Ruby, but not necessary to for it to work. Read more

RailsConf 2017 talks

All talks from RailsConf 2017 have been published on the web. Dozens of amazing presentations are available to watch for free, and the amount of content is staggering. You will definitely find something for yourself. Watch more

Kickstarting Your Business without Servers for Free: A Practical Guide to Serverless

Serverless became a thing not so long ago and immediately spread all around the dev communities in the world. Some treat is as another buzzword, while others see great potential in it and the end of DevOps as we know it. Rafał Wiliński shares a list of features which make serverless computing so interesting. Read more


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