Ruby Brief #46 - Japanese Community, Shopify, GitItBack

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Jul 6, 2017 • 4 min read

Did you know about the strong Ruby community in Japan? They even have a governmental sponsorship.

Read about how Ruby development in Japan is different, the story of Shopify’s Rails 5 update, GitItBack – the first platform for tracking GitHub community contributions, and more.

Skinny Models, Skinny Controllers, Fat Services

Your apps are getting more and more complex with time. What to do when even your models are getting too big? It’s time to introduce services and make them fat. Read more.

PS. Our developers wrote down some tips and guides for service objects. You can check them out here.

Upgrading Shopify to Rails 5

Shopify is one of the biggest users of Rails in the world. The upgrade took them a year (sic!), but thanks to well-thought-out processes, precautions, and top-tier planning, it went almost seamlessly. Read the story of updating 370 gems and a codebase that was over a decade old here.

How is Ruby Different in Japan?

In the Western world, Ruby is perceived mainly as a platform for Rails, but in Japan, Ruby has been known for much longer than RoR has existed. Japanese Ruby community is tightly knit, meets very often at multiple national conferences, and is even sponsored by their government. Read more.

Rails 5.1 Has Dropped Dependency on jQuery from the Default Stack

JavaScript is improving and evolving, and so is Rails. Rails-ujs is getting lighter and should be faster, because it uses only plain JavaScript functions. The support is not perfect, however. Apparently, the new rails-ujs does not work with IE 10 and below, so it’s still not a viable option for a lot of apps. Read more.

Introducing GitItBack: The Very First Platform to Track GitHub Contributions of Any Organisation

GitItBack is an open-source project by Netguru that allows you to track contributors’ activity on Github. You can compare your company’s contributions to the public activity of other companies, and see who has the most active developers. You can set it up in 5 seconds – just log in with your Github account. Read more


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