Ruby Brief #50: Habits, Euruko and Interactors

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Patryk Kalinowski

Dec 8, 2017 • 3 min read

Here it is! The 50th edition of Ruby Brief, delivered right before Christmas. Once again, we’ve found some gems from all around the net just for you. Have a good read!

Avoid These 35 Habits That Lead to Unmaintainable Code

Shortcuts and lazy solutions almost will always backfire later. Christian Maioli must have learned quite a bit from his own mistakes to come up with 35 bad developer habits! A nice list of tips that will make you thrive in work environment. Read more

A Quick Recap After EuRuKo 2017

The Netguru team went to EuRuKo and wrote summaries of the most interesting talks, including Matz’s plans for Ruby 3.0, JRuby development, and a horror story of charging customers two hundred times instead of once. Read more.

Interactors in Ruby  - Easy as Cake, Simple as Pie

Tiago Farias introduces Interactor Design Pattern as another way to deal with fat controllers. Full of examples and use cases, this article will surely help you gain knowledge to maintain more complicated codebases. Read more.

Why Aren't We Using More Service Objects Already

Aaron Lasseigne wrote an answer to Avdi Grimm’s “Enough With the Service Objects Already” (we linked the article in the previous issue). Their opinions differ a lot, and what’s yours? Read more.

Kafka on Rails: Using Kafka with Ruby on Rails — Part 1 — Kafka basics and its advantages

Karafka is a “framework used to simplify Apache Kafka-based Ruby applications development”. Its creator, Maciej Mensfeld, wrote a getting-started guide to using it with Kafka, a platform for handling real-time data feeds. Read more

Rails 5.2.0 beta: Active Storage, Redis Cache Store, HTTP/2 Early Hints, CSP, Credentials

Release notes for new Rails 5.2. New Active Storage for file uploads, Redis Cache Store for caching, boot times reduced by 50%, encrypted secrets, and more! Read on.


Photo of Patryk Kalinowski

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