Ruby Brief #51: Bugs, Blockchain and the Strategy Pattern

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Patryk Kalinowski

Jan 15, 2018 • 4 min read

Hello and welcome to the 51st issue of Ruby Brief. We’ve got more links than usual – looks like December 2017 was a very productive month for the Ruby community. Read on!

Ruby Users: Be Wary of Net::HTTP

Engineers from WeWork have had some head scratching over Net::HTTP timeouts. Apparently, its weird behaviour confused even the most experienced developers in the company. Read more

Programming Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains (Book Edition)

A very weird publication, nevertheless worth mentioning. Learn how to use blockchain and program your own cryptocurrency in Ruby. The book is full of code examples with comments. Read more

5 Ways To Deal With NIL Headaches In Ruby

Nil follows you around every time you do something only slightly wrong. Josh Saint Jacque knows the pain and presents five nice solutions to stop your hair from going white over those pesky little bugs. Read more

Sneaky Bugs and How to Find Them (with git bisect)

More on bugs! In this post, a Netguru developer, Wiktor Czajkowski, unveils the magic of git and binary search algorithms to find the place where you (or someone else you can blame) left a horrible mistake and were hoping it would never be discovered. Read more

Design Patterns in Ruby: Strategy Pattern

“Briefly, the Strategy pattern is most useful when you want to provide multiple ways of processing a request, without hard-coding knowledge about those different methods into the object that handles the request.” An extensive piece on Warden and Devise by Alex Taylor from Unbounce. Read more

7 Little-Known Ruby Methods To Help You Write Better Code

Jesus Castello from Ruby Guides shares few tips to speed up your work with useful, but not widely known methods in Ruby language. Read more

A Couple of Things You’ll Love about Crystal Language - a Rubyist’s Perspective

Many Ruby developers are aware of Crystal. It’s similar to Ruby, but Crystal is a compiled language. There are more advantages than the speed itself. Mateusz Górniak explains all the best features of Crystal. Read more

Ruby 2.5.0 Released

5-10% performance improvement, branch coverage support, new Hash methods and more.


Photo of Patryk Kalinowski

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