Ruby Brief #52: GraphQL, ReDoS, Bots and Assets

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Patryk Kalinowski

Feb 22, 2018 • 4 min read

Hello and welcome to Ruby Brief #52! We’ve found some great articles for you this month. We hope you’ll like it!

Working with Arrays in GraphQL Ruby

Moses Lucas wrote a guide on how to set up your RoR app to request data with GraphQL. Lots of code examples and tips for every developer wanting to try out GraphQL. Read more

Fast JSON API Serialization with Ruby on Rails

Netflix open-sourced the Fast JSON API gem, which aims to be a better version of Active Model Serializer (AMS). JSON serialization by Netflix is 25-40 times faster – the benchmark showed processing 250 records in 3 seconds versus 138 seconds with AMS. Read more

Regular Expression Denial of Service and Catastrophic Backtracking

Regular Expression Denial of Service (ReDoS) attacks are not discussed much in the community, but they are just as dangerous as other DoS attacks. Tim Kadlec wrote a great guide on regexes and how to avoid computation traps (called catastrophic backtracking) while working with them. Read more

Efficient Way to Use Docker in Development

When you go to Docker’s homepage, you will learn that Docker is the best thing since the sliced bread, but actually finding out what it is and what it does is a hopeless task. Netguru’s Senior RoR developer, Mateusz Kluge, is here to help with his extensive tutorial! Read more

Slacking Off with Slack Bots, Creating Your First Slack Bot

Every programmer needs to build a bot at least once in a lifetime. Now is the best time for doing it – this quick guide from Unicorn will help you tackle the Slack SDK gem and create your own cute artificial friend in no time. Read more

How to Speed Up Assets Precompilation Time in Ruby on Rails App

Not everything in development is sexy and disrupting, and there are tasks you need to do that make the difference between a brogrammer and a true specialist. Marcin will tell you how to make your assets blazing fast! Read more


Photo of Patryk Kalinowski

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