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The Dummies' Recipe to Great Workshops: Recap from Kraków

Check out our recipe for a great way to learn Ruby on Rails. This time we tried it out in Kraków and were sooo happy with delicious results!

Recipe: Excellent RoR Workshops

Serves: 15

Lasts: 2 Days


  • keen participants
  • expert mentors
  • a delicious lunch
  • 4 great ideas for apps
  • an inspiring atmosphere




The most important ingredients are, of course, the participants; you need people who understand why are they here along with their enthusiasm and willingness to learn :) Stir in the knowledge of 4 great mentors and throw in some fresh Ideas for apps. Season with a great atmosphere, then garnish with a delicious lunch. And there you have it - a perfect recipe for a successful workshop!

Our participants and mentors really gave their all during the last weekend!

Let’s see what they came up with:



Here’s what we learnt:


“As I never really had the chance before to play with Rails (besides the intro task), I can sum up my day in a few words: I got to know the basics of Rails and it was great!”


“Today I came away with a lot of best practices and learnt some new ways of retrieving data from database.”


”I learnt some Rails and Ruby best practices plus some fascinating fresh stuff connected with GIT and GitHub.”


“What I got out of today was a bunch of best practices and how decent exposure works. Working with others is 10 times better than doing it alone.”



Questions? Drop us a line at - we'll be happy to talk to you! Our next stop is Warsaw - see you there!

If you want to join us in another city, check out the full workshop agenda for 2015. We'll be happy to see you!

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