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Let’s Meet at the Free Ruby on Rails Workshops in Gliwice. Applications Are Open!

Our Ruby on Rails workshop tour continues. This time we are heading to the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice on the 23-24th of May. We're looking for 15 Ruby enthusiasts who will join us for a fruitful weekend of coding - wanna join?

Our Ruby on Rails workshop tour continues. We have been visiting a different Polish city every month and this time we are heading to the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice on the 23-24th of May. We are looking for 15 Ruby enthusiasts who want to spend a fruitful weekend of coding.

Who is invited?

Students from the Silesian University of Technology have priority, but everyone with a passion for RoR can enroll. Besides learning and having fun, joining the workshops is mandatory for all of those who’d like to join our internship programme at some point. For all of those who signed up for our workshops newsletter, we’ll send the preliminary task for the application. The deadline for delivering your solution is scheduled for the 13th of May, so hurry up and blow our minds with your ideas!

How to get ready?

If you are just a beginner, no need to worry - these workshops are for you, too. Our developers have prepared some helpful posts to introduce you to Rails.

  • Błażej explains to you why learning Rails is not so hard. If you are afraid to take a risk, just remember his motto: “Move Fast and Break Stuff”. I hope that now you feel you can do it. Jacek introduces you into the basics and gives you some examples to help you to visualise the ideas.
  • It’ s time to practise and improve your skills. We’ve collected a few Best Online Resources for Master Rails - check out the tutorials recommended by our experienced developers.
  • Do you imagine what amazing applications you will be able to develop once you master Ruby on Rails? Whet your appetite and review the Top 10 sites built with Ruby On Rails.
  • In Netguru, we are always excited about new projects - if you want to learn about some we’ve already finished, check out our portfolio.

You are not your code

Joining our workshop is not only about programming skills. Above coding, there are other competencies, which are important for us. The perfect candidate:

  • is eager to learn new skills and face challenges,
  • shows initiative and creativity,
  • is a friendly team player with great communication and interpersonal skills,
  • is helpful and willing to share knowledge,
  • is a fast learner, who can easily find the information he needs,
  • is ready to ask questions and not afraid to look lost,
  • is open-minded and able to find and test some solutions on his own.


Photo by Anna Anks Nowak / Anksfoto.

If you wonder how these workshops are going to look, then check out the summary of the previous edition.

Go ahead, fill out the application form and don't forget to join our Facebook event. Sharing is also welcome!

We love coding together, and we do it also during our team retreats! Read about the latest Netguru Hackathon and find out about the open source apps we developed this time.

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