TIL #5: How to work with Conditional Assignment Operator

Marcin Brzeziński

Apr 3, 2018 • 2 min read

Conditional Assignment Operator!

The rules says:

A ||= B assigns B to A only if A is nil or false

So, what if A is actually nil or false? Should we care?

YES, especially when doing simple memoization technique. Lets consider simple case:

    def memoization
      @a ||= 2 # correct, assigns 2 to @a and returns on each method call
but when the right side of an assignment evaluates to nil or false then something bad happen...
    def memoization
      @a ||= nil # memoization doesn't work as expected. It assigns nil to @a each time the method gets called!
Just imagine the scenario when the right side of an assigment does some heavy calculations which returns nil or false as a result. They will run every single time!

Here you can find more sophisticated example with a way of how to handle a fix for it:

Worth reading:


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